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The Clawful Sure Packs A Punch!

A package, from a trade I made with John from the Clawful Punch,arrived today! I’m super stoked about the Quick Kick and Crystal Ball figures as they were a part of my collection as a kid. Nice to have them back! The Perseus figure had been on my want list for a while now so I can finally scratch him off. I’ll be doing individual posts as soon as I get a little extra time. Thanks again John!



G.I. Joe Retaliation-Ultimate Storm Shadow

When I walked into Five Below the other day, on a tip from¬†John over at the Clawful , I didn’t expect there to be many Joes. Maybe a couple Retaliation peg warmers, like the green suited Duke or the Roadblock with the unsightly deformity. I certainly did not expect the Ultimate line of Joes to be freshly stocked the way they were, and for the low price of 5¬†dollars to boot! These guys were going for big bucks on the bay and that’s not even factoring in the shipping costs.¬†O.K. so they had Roadblock, Budo, Flint and most of¬†the others from the line, big I knew for sure Storm Shadow wouldn’t be there. Stormie was going for bucu dollars online and I had already come to terms with the fact that I would probably¬†never own one. If¬† I could pretend that¬†¬†I was O.K. with not owning a Renegades Storm Shadow then I could do the same¬†for the Ultimate version. BOP! Why did I walk into Five Below and find two Ultimate Storm Shadows hanging stealthily¬†behind a¬†Roadblock and Joe Colton figure! After the initial shock finally wore off, I chest bumped¬†an old lady ¬†standing next to me.I finally had an Ultimate¬†Storm Shadow figure¬†in my hands, and he was coming home with me.













G.I. Joe Retaliation – Ultimate Snake Eyes

There really¬†are too many Snake ¬†Eyes figures, and this one¬† would have¬†remained on the pegs¬†had I owned¬†the 25th¬† Ann. version, which¬†manages to ¬†capture the look of Snake Eyes V.2¬†¬†very nicely.¬†I don’t have the 25th Ann. version so this one was a must-add, considering the price and availability. It pisses me off, though, that Hasbro wasn’t able to add¬†a more accurate head sculpt instead of just opting for the repainted Ninja Duel head. Every time I look at this figure I think about what could have been. A proper head sculpt and this figure¬†would have¬†gotten an easy 10.I could try to switch this head out for another one but¬†I’m not one to mess with the integrity of a figure. If It came with¬†the head sculpt,It stays with the head sculpt.Enjoy the pics!



Sorry about some of the pics being so dark. Snake Eyes is one of the hardest figures to photograph because of the all black uniform.Any suggestions on how to better photograph dark figures are welcome.


DSCN8462 RSCN8481

RSCN8477 RSCN8475





DSCN8622 DSCN8626

DSCN8624 RSCN8632

RSCN8677 DSCN8630





Five Below Badness!

Not “bad” meaning “bad” but “bad” meaning “good”!I shat myself when I saw Ultimate Stormy behind a couple of other Ultimate Joe figures at our local Five Below! Wow! Still can’t believe I was lucky enough to find this one. Although I think these are popping up in a lot of other places including Marshalls and a store I’ve never heard of called Tuesday Morning?A big shout out to John over at the Clawful Punch for giving me the heads up about¬† these showing up at FB’s ;)tLoose pics coming soon!

X-Concepts-Nano Speed

Remember Micro-Machines?I sure as hell do and that’s exactly what these little fockers reminded me of when I saw them hanging on the pegs of our local Dollar Tree store. I’m not sure how much Micro-Machines went for back in the day but I remember them being packaged three or four cars at a time. I’m assuming they were anywhere from 5 to 7 bucks per pack seeing as how they were made by Galoob.So naturally I thought that a buck a piece for each Nano Speed two pack was well worth the purchase.After digging up some info on these online, It seems that there is also a racing track as well as a few other Nano Speed vehicle sets. I love the little detail on these guys! The word METRO and route number on the city bus (Hopper) and the kill decals on the military Tank (Bravo) and Humvee (Wadibash)!Little things like individually named vehicles and details make these a very collectible item. In fact, at a buck a piece, you could pick up a boxed set of the two packs for 5 bucks! When I went back for these, the others were sold out but luckily the two main sets I was interested in were laying in a pile of other miscellaneous toys so I got lucky. The way they work is simple. Just pull back and¬†watch em’¬† go.¬†Oh and BTW-They’re fast! Very fast! We’re talkin’Nano Speed ūüėČ Enjoy the pics!




Each vehicle is individually named

Each vehicle is individually named     



Trash Talker
















Nano Speed!

Nano Speed!