2008 G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Snake Eyes (arctic trooper) 9/5-9/11

On top of being the coolest character  on the planet,Snake Eyes is also an action figure that has seen more than it’s fair share of  renditions.There are over 50 different versions of Snake Eyes action figures and one of my favorites is this one.Whats cool about this version(IMO) is the necklace Snake Eyes is wearing.In the 1980’s G.I. Joe comic book series(i believe it was issue #2) Snake Eyes ,Stalker,Breaker and Scarlett are sent to Alaska to investigate a situation.Long story short,the necklace was left behind by a native Alaskan agent (Kwinn) and retrieved and worn by Snake Eyes throughout the final pages of the comic.If you haven’t already, pick up a copy and give it a read.

Snake Eyes (arctic trooper)

4 responses to “2008 G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Snake Eyes (arctic trooper) 9/5-9/11

  1. I used to have that very comic you mention and it was indeed #2. : )

    Now am wanting to get a Snake- Eyes figure closer to the original commando style one i had as a kid i currently have the 25th anniversary version with Timber.

  2. Not to mention jboypac,i’ve been hearing rumors about a Kwinn figure being released sometime soon!One of the POC Snake Eyes has an interchangeable commando style head.I would love to have the original commando (straight arm) version.

  3. Love the lighting on this photo. Nice job. I think they did release a Kwinn figure around the time that Snake Eyes came out. I do know that they made a fig/new character called Ghost Bear, who was Kwinn’s mercenary son and came with a Cobra mech suit.

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