1985 Rambo:The Force Of Freedom 9/19-9/25

When i saw this guy buried under a bunch of other 80’s toys in my local hobby shop’s bargain bin i just had to have it!I don’t know about you guys but this Rambo action figure gives me some serious flashbacks.I remember having him as a kid and never wanting to let go of it.It seemed like every piece of furniture or hanging string from a light fixture was an adventure waiting to happen!I carried this guy with me most everywhere i went.I remember one kid wanting to trade his Arnold Schwarzenegger(did i spell that right?)Commando figure  for it and i was having no part of it.Back then i had all of his accessories and a few other figures from that line as well.I was lucky enough to at least find the loose figure and i’ll probably pick up an accessory/weapons pack on ebay.

1985 Rambo Action Figure

4 responses to “1985 Rambo:The Force Of Freedom 9/19-9/25

  1. I remember both the cartoon and toyline i think it was done by coleco if i remember correctly and its really funny to think they made both based off such a violent movie lol.

    Awesome find congrats.

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