Library Stop: DC Countdown To Final Crisis V.1

In an attempt to familiarize myself more with the DC universe,i picked up a copy of DC Countdown To Final Crisis V.1 . Now i realize that this may not be the best of starting points seeing as how everything including the kitchen sink seems to be hitting the fan in this book and the immense cast of characters can become a bit overwhelming and difficult to keep up with at times,but it’s those same super cool and awesome characters that kept me from ever wanting to put this book down!Although most of these super heroes and villains are new to me (with the exception of  The Flash,Batman,The Joker and Superman etc.) i was able to quickly get a sense of there personalities and tendencies due to the great dialogue used throughout this amazing TPB. I instantly took  to and became a fan of characters like  Jason Todd A.K.A. The Red Hood,Mirror Master, Trickster and Piper , The Suicide Squad…and the list goes on!The story is a perpetual roller coaster ride with side winding sub-plots,foreshadowing flashbacks  and sometimes humorous  dialogue that will make you chuckle out loud  while reading. Props to DC!

DC Countdown To Final Crisis

3 responses to “Library Stop: DC Countdown To Final Crisis V.1

  1. Very nice post about this DC book. There is so many great DC characters and I do not know about many of them myself. Have you watched ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’? I know that film features the character you show the picture of.

  2. I’m definitely going to have to check that flick out.I’ve been such a Marvel head for so long that i have totally missed out on some great characters,story lines and action figures.I highly recommend this book MB!

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