1982 Masters Of The Universe He-Man

Well if you didn’t know by now i am an 80’s toy fanatic!In fact when i decided to collect again my sole objective was to only acquire vintage 80’s action figures.Well,that plan sort of back fired when HASBRO released the G.I. Joe ROC/ POC  line,Captain America and the collectability of  the Marvel Universe  stuff is insane!Luckily every now and then i am  able to visit my local hobby shop where all kinds of retro-coolness can be had for a pretty decent price and the bargain bins overflow with goodies!I don’t know about you but i like to head straight for the bargain bins in hopes to find those  hard to find toys that are so overpriced these days on sites like Ebay ,Amazon and other hobby shops who do business online.The great thing about these shops is that you get to see,touch and inspect what your buying and there are no high shipping prices.There’s nothing like getting what you want and taking it home the same day.Take for instance this 1982 M.O.T.U. He-Man figure.I couldn’t believe that i was able to pick this little gem up for $2.50.There was a bin with about 5 or 6 1980’s M.O.T.U. figures all priced at $2.50.Some were in pretty rough shape and my He Man figure has a small nick on his left foot but not too bad.I liked He-Man as a kid but always seemed to gravitate more towards the GI Joe stuff.Nonetheless they were and still are a very cool toy, display piece and 80’s action figure!

1982 M.O.T.U. He-Man

My Toy Dillema….

So things are pretty tight right now and i’m not buying as much , but yesterday i had an extra 10 bucks on me so (with the price of action figures these days) that meant that i would be limited to one figure.That’s right… one figure.Anybody who’s ever been in this position knows how difficult this decision can be with brands like Marvel Universe,G.I. Joe and other cool toy lines to choose from.I instantly narrow it down to two….G.I. Joe and Marvel Universe.Let the rationalization process begin. “I haven’t picked up any 30th ann. Joes yet but Marvel Universe just released a real cool Ice-Man that i would love to add to my collection”.Then a light turns on! Funny how the collector’s mind works sometimes, as i start to think about how i could possibly get more bang for my buck.BINGO!Marshall’s has a ton of G.I. Joe stuff ,granted it’s mostly ROC  but i still collect that line and i could possibly pick up two great looking quality figures for the price of one 30th ann./M.U.Not to mention the quality of the Marvel Universe stuff is lacking as of late with limbs coming off of figures when releasing them from the package and the quality of the plastic doesn’t compare to that of G.I. Joes IMO(more rationalizing LOL).So here it is my fellow toy collectors.Far from a copious toy haul but a lucrative one nonetheless 😉

Charbroil/Cobra Night Adder

Library Stop Part 1: The Complete Encyclopedia To G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Encyclopedia (cover)

G.I. Joe Encyclopedia (spine)

Let me start off by saying that before reading this book, my knowledge on anything pre 80’s G.I. Joe was pretty much non-existent.I just didn’t feel the need to know anything about  an action figure that  A)i didn’t presently own and B)did not have any ties to my childhood(i was  an 80’s kid) and this book was filled with lots of 1960’s and 70’s G.I. Joe stuff. When i first saw this over sized,old fashioned looking book full of  B&W pictures and with nothing on the cover(there may have been a cover for it,not sure) i was far from impressed.Bland appearance and all i still decided to pick it up and give it a read,and i must say that i have a new found interest in the vintage 12″ Joe line    and have developed  somewhat of a small toy crush on  them.


The books author is Vincent Santelmo.Santelmo grew up in the 60’s in the Bronx,NY and being the big Joe fan that he was decided to write this book.The book begins with a brief story on how HASBRO came to be and the impact G.I. Joe would have on the one time small family owned company.Not only does this book have a smorgasbord of  60’s-70’s  G.I. Joe action figure(or doll,whatever you choose to call them) pics,there are many pictures of the store displays and adds used to promote the toy line. Santelmo meticulously describes every G.I. Joe figure and set  that was released from 1964 -1993,wave by wave!

The Original Joes(Action Soldier,Sailor,Marine & Pilot)

Cool fact: An art mannequin gave HASBRO’s  product development director the idea to create a fully articulated army figure!

Art Mannequin

Misc. Pics:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Library Stop Part 2: The Ultimate Guide To G.I. Joe 2nd Edition

This was the book i originally went to my Library for and  i must say that i had more fun reading through the Encyclopedia To G.I. Joe.All in all this was still a pretty good book.The first thing you’ll notice about “The Ultimate Guide To G.I. Joe 2nd Edition ” is COLOR!And a lot of it. Mark Bellomo(author) covers all things 3 3/4″  G.I. Joe starting with their initial 1982 release.

The Ultimate Guide To G.I. Joe 2nd Edition


This i believe is the most up to date  G.I. JOE guide covering everything G.I. Joe from 1982-1994,and it does so with full color photos of  every action figure,vehicle and play set released  within that time period(Hey jboypac.. is that the Snake Eyes Commando figure i see down there on the right 😉 )

1982 Series 1 G.I. Joe


Every figure is thoroughly described and Bellomo is quick to point out any and all existing variations(and there are a lot).

1983 Mail Away Duke

1984 Zartan

Misc. Pics:

Pic 1 Larry Hama Foreword

Pic 2

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1985 G.I. Joe ARAH Snake Eyes w/ Timber V.2 10/24-10/30

G.I. Joe ARAH the cartoon series is by far my all time favorite television show ,past and present.The  constant thickening of  action packed plots,exciting  characters  and a soundtrack laden with funky drum beats and bass guitar riffs was enough to make any kids head spin.Heck i go nuts watching it now.As a kid i would always go to school the next day to discuss past episodes and what funny or cool things certain characters did in them.Quick Kick was a popular topic of discussion with his crazy antics and acting aspirations.Roadblock and Bazooka were always  talked about at one point or another and Cobra Commander’s perpetual whining about a foiled plan always drew laughs.Yet and still no one made bigger headlines those weekday school mornings than Snake Eyes!Those much anticipated  head-to-head confrontations with Storm-Shadow were legendary and the fact that he never spoke was too cool!Watching Snake eyes on television was one thing but owning the elusive action figure with Timber (his pet Husky) damn near made you the” Godfather” of  Joe collecting.Seriously if five kids asked you to spend the nigh that weekend and one of them owned a Snake Eyes figure,the latter  usually took  precedence.I never owned this Snake Eyes as a kid but was fortunate enough to pick one up a few years ago on line for a pretty decent price(considering how hard it is to find one loose under 20 dollars).He’s in pretty good condition with tight joints and although Timber was included with the figure none of his accessories were.

1985 Snake Eyes w/Timber

1987 Issue # 63 G.I. Joe Marvel Comics

Here’s a 1987 G.I. Joe Marvel comic with Snake Eyes and Scarlett on the cover.Despite the picture of  Snake Eyes on the cover,he only makes a few appearances in this book and all of them are of him wearing civi’s and a rubber mask disguise .Not once does he make an appearance wearing his uniform LOL! It was still a pretty good read.

1987 G.I. Joe Marvel Comics