2007 RePlays Derek Jeter (Home Jersey)

It’s MLB playoff time and sadly my NY Mets have once again suffered through another losing season.There’s always next year.The Yankees on the other hand always seem to be right in the middle of things come playoff time and this guy right here has a lot to do with that.Derek Jeter has to be the most recognized player in the majors and in the entire world of sports for that matter.I am not huge fan of Jeter nor am i big on the Yankees but i know greatness  when i see it.So to me it was a no-brainer to pick this iconic sport stars figure up from a local department store where it sat for days at the bottom of a clearance bin.These RePlays MLB figures were released by a company called Gracelyn  in 2007 along with an NFL line of figures as well.I’ve seen some NFL RePlays since their initial release but no MLB.I’m wondering if McFarlane’s MLB Playmakers had anything to do with that,seeming to be the more popular brand.Who knows.What i do know is that these RePlays figures are very cool,and i wish that Gracelyn would have followed up on them.

2007 RePlays Derek Jeter

2 responses to “2007 RePlays Derek Jeter (Home Jersey)

  1. Even the face is a bit different from the actual look of Derek Jeter, the figure is definitely impressive. McFarlane usually makes pretty good action figures and its good to see a base was included!

  2. The base is another accessory Gracelyn RePlays come with that McFarlane figures do not. These figures are also slightly bigger than the McFarlane Playmakers(even without the base).

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