During my latest visit to the library i picked up The New Avengers “BREAKOUT”. I seriously need to catch up to the ever changing world of  MARVEL  comics  plus i was a bit curious about this “new”  and unlikely alliance of  Captain America,Iron Man,Luke Cage,Spider-Man/Woman and Wolverine.Luke Cage was a character i most wanted to see and learn  about , but to my surprise my favorite New Avenger ended up being Spider-Woman(she’s “Michelle Rodriguez” Bad A#%!).This book takes place shortly after The Avengers dis-assembled and starts off rather quickly with Electro breaking out a ton of super villains from the RAFT and the aforementioned heroes are brought together to bring the situation under control.The writing was o.k. but the story seemed a bit rushed.I did like the ending however and it left me wanting to know what happens next.Again i can’t stress enough how cool Spider-Woman is in this book and i think you’ll agree that she steals the show in this “not outstanding” yet “enjoyable” read.