Library Stop Part 1: The Complete Encyclopedia To G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Encyclopedia (cover)

G.I. Joe Encyclopedia (spine)

Let me start off by saying that before reading this book, my knowledge on anything pre 80’s G.I. Joe was pretty much non-existent.I just didn’t feel the need to know anything about  an action figure that  A)i didn’t presently own and B)did not have any ties to my childhood(i was  an 80’s kid) and this book was filled with lots of 1960’s and 70’s G.I. Joe stuff. When i first saw this over sized,old fashioned looking book full of  B&W pictures and with nothing on the cover(there may have been a cover for it,not sure) i was far from impressed.Bland appearance and all i still decided to pick it up and give it a read,and i must say that i have a new found interest in the vintage 12″ Joe line    and have developed  somewhat of a small toy crush on  them.


The books author is Vincent Santelmo.Santelmo grew up in the 60’s in the Bronx,NY and being the big Joe fan that he was decided to write this book.The book begins with a brief story on how HASBRO came to be and the impact G.I. Joe would have on the one time small family owned company.Not only does this book have a smorgasbord of  60’s-70’s  G.I. Joe action figure(or doll,whatever you choose to call them) pics,there are many pictures of the store displays and adds used to promote the toy line. Santelmo meticulously describes every G.I. Joe figure and set  that was released from 1964 -1993,wave by wave!

The Original Joes(Action Soldier,Sailor,Marine & Pilot)

Cool fact: An art mannequin gave HASBRO’s  product development director the idea to create a fully articulated army figure!

Art Mannequin

Misc. Pics:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

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