My Toy Dillema….

So things are pretty tight right now and i’m not buying as much , but yesterday i had an extra 10 bucks on me so (with the price of action figures these days) that meant that i would be limited to one figure.That’s right… one figure.Anybody who’s ever been in this position knows how difficult this decision can be with brands like Marvel Universe,G.I. Joe and other cool toy lines to choose from.I instantly narrow it down to two….G.I. Joe and Marvel Universe.Let the rationalization process begin. “I haven’t picked up any 30th ann. Joes yet but Marvel Universe just released a real cool Ice-Man that i would love to add to my collection”.Then a light turns on! Funny how the collector’s mind works sometimes, as i start to think about how i could possibly get more bang for my buck.BINGO!Marshall’s has a ton of G.I. Joe stuff ,granted it’s mostly ROCย  but i still collect that line and i could possibly pick up two great looking quality figures for the price of one 30th ann./M.U.Not to mention the quality of the Marvel Universe stuff is lacking as of late with limbs coming off of figures when releasing them from the package and the quality of the plastic doesn’t compare to that of G.I. Joes IMO(more rationalizing LOL).So here it is my fellow toy collectors.Far from a copious toy haul but a lucrative one nonetheless ๐Ÿ˜‰

Charbroil/Cobra Night Adder

13 responses to “My Toy Dillema….

  1. Nice grab and am on a budget too so this is why i started buying Legos and Playmobi figs because they can be bought with less money. Plus places like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx has things at lower prices such as GI Joes that you can find great deals. I also i find it helps to make a wish/wanted list on things you truly want and you can focus your efforts towards those my friend.

  2. Thanks for the advice jboypac!I may just have to focus on these ROC figures for a little while until i can get back up to speed.Unless Marvel Universe or Thundercats releases something that i absolutely have to have then i’m not buying.

  3. Hey man, I understand where you are coming from, I have definitely been there my friend! Those figures are great and I need to get some of those figures. Hopefull my Marshall’s has those figures as well as TJ Maxx. Great pick-ups man.

    BTW, since Christmas is right around the corner – please drop me an e-mail with your information so I can send you out a few things, if that would be cool with you. I really appreciate you commenting on my blog it means a lot!

  4. No way that would be awesome J!Yeah now is the time to go after the last of those ROC figures.Let me know if there are any specific ROC figs you might be looking for.I may be able to help out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Yeah actionfig, if I do not see any of them in my area when I get paid I will let you know, I appreciate that. About that shipment, drop me the info at: – and when I finish it, I will send it out before Christmas.

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