Library Stop Pt.2: Marvel “Frontline” Civil War V.1 -2

“Frontline” Civil War takes place after the events at Stamford in the main  Civil War  series and focuses mostly on two reporters, Sally Floyd and Ben Urich.Now if you would have told me that the protagonists of a comic book were going to be two reporters,i probably wouldn’t have picked it up,but since this was from the Civil War series i really wanted to check it out .Going into this read i pretty much already knew what to expect and after reading the first few pages i was hooked!The two reporters  go around investigating and getting leads a la “Moulder and Scully” and do an excellent job of it.Both reporters are given assignments by there respective  bosses but instead go off on there own to further investigate the truth behind the Super-Hero Registration law and the ulterior motives of  major players Iron Man and Captain America.

Marvel"Frontline" Civil War V.1

Marvel "Frontline" V.2

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There is a ton of other stuff going on in this book including The New Warriors Speedball dealing with the constant repercussions of the incident at Stamford and even the Atlanteans get into the political mix as well.Definitely give this a read if you haven’t already 😉



1984 Secret Wars Doctor Doom 11/28-12/4

This particular figure stands out to me because of the  memory attached to it.The year was 1986 or ’87,not 100% sure .I remember riding the bus home from school one day and noticing a CVS  pharmacy in a nearby plaza about 5 blocks away from where we lived .I remember getting off the bus and running home excitedly to break the news to my mom.The cool thing about pharmacies was the mutual interest me and my mother had in them.My mom loved stores like CVS  because of their wide variety of everything from Tylenol to Chocolate Cordials, so while she scoured the aisles for Neosporin and paper towels i would be assessing the toy section and searching for that one action figure that would possibly be making the trip back home with me that day if i was lucky.So sure enough after letting mom know that we were running low on paper towels and how she would absolutely have to go to CVS and replenish her depleted BRAWNY supply, off we went….and that’s when i laid eyes on this incredibly cool Secret Wars Dr. Doom action figure.I already owned the Captain America figure from this line and i just had to have that Doctor Doom to go with it.Ultimately my mom caved and bought ol’ doom for me that day and i can still remember reading the card front to back while walking back home. This Dr. Doom isn’t the one i owned as a kid but i was still able to pick it up in pretty much mint condition with all of his paint,accessories and very minimal wear if any and while he’s not on my “Top 5 Action Figures Owned” list he definitely cracks my top 10 list!

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Dr. Doom


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Marvel Miniatures Dr.Doom

Here is another Marvel figure of the miniature kind that has been in my collection for a while now.I like these because while so many miniature figures are non-poseable ,these Marvel miniatures  have 3 points of articulation and removable accessories!So without further ado…. please “say hello to my little friend!”   😉

Marvel Minature Dr.Doom

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Library Stop Part.1: Marvel “The Road To Civil War”

This was one series that i had been trying to get my hands on ,searching several different libraries  for a copy  until finally finding one that carried them.Only problem was that the main Civil War TPB # 1-7  seemed to have been checked out.I was ,however,able to pick up “The Road To Civil War” which covers events that lead up to the initial “Civil War” and “Frontline-Civil War” which book ends  this seemingly endless series.In “The Road To Civil War” Iron Man tries to assemble a secret team of heroes that consists of  Professor X,Reed Richards,Dr. Strange,Black Bolt,Black Panther and Namor…..”GASP”….in attempts to become world defenders so to speak after a recent battle between two alien races(the Skrull and the Kree)decided to settle their dispute on  Earth almost destroying the planet.Later on in the book  Iron Man confronts this same circle of heroes with the prospect of  a civil war breaking out due to a bill that will be passed by congress that would require every masked super hero or villain to reveal their secret identities to the government as well as register to become part of  S.H.I.E.L.D.’s world security force,essentially making them government employees. After Iron Man reveals to the skeptical group of  heroes that he is for the new registration  law,talks break down putting Tony back at square 1.

The Road To Civil War

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There are many different twists and revelations that unfurl as you continue reading this book not to mention the unveiling of  Spider-Man’s new costume courtesy of Tony Stark as well as a host of other cliff hangers.I’ll keep it short in order to avoid spoilers for any of you who haven’t gotten a chance to read this yet ,and if you have not given this a read i suggest you do so.

I’ll try to get into “Frontline Civil War”  V.1 and 2 sometime next week to complete this two part post on what i can honestly say has been my favorite series of comics to read to date.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Thanksgiving  to all my readers and fellow toy bloggers!This is a great community with a bunch of class acts and  i am proud to be a part of  it!So whether it be with a vintage comic book or action figure,a retro board game or novelty or one kick a#$ Marvel Universe figure…here’s to bringing back the good old days!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marvel Heroes Face Off 3 Pk. Captain America,The Punisher and Iron Man

A few years back Hasbro released some of these Marvel Face Off  figures individually and they sold  for about $2 a piece.Family Dollar was notorious for carrying these in-expensive brand named figures and i absolutely loved them.I still have a couple and i  recently sent a Spider- Man and Doc-Ock  to jboypacman over at and i’m sure he’ll tell you how cool these little guys  really are.They are not fully pose-able but the arms and heads are,and some even have removable accessories!A few months after the individual figures debuted, Hasbro put out these cool 3 packs  which also sold at Family Dollar and retailed at about $5.Two other 3 packs were released and one included Wolverine,Cyclops, Magneto while the other one featured   Spider-Man,The Green Goblin and Black Spider-Man.

Marvel Heroes Face Off (in pkg.)

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Marvel Heroes Face Off (loose)

1984 G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. Duke 11/21-11/27

This Duke figure is on my “top 5  Action Figures Owned” list.I always wanted this one as a kid and ultimately had to settle for his Tiger Force version.I never really liked that version of him  because of the darker hair color.Fortunately and thanks to E bay i was able to pick this guy up a while back for a pretty decent price.He came with pretty much all of his accessories accept for his file card.

1984 Duke


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