G.I. Joe ROC Night Adder

This is one of the figures i picked up the other day from Marshalls on clearance.One of the things that i love about these ROC figures  is the feeling of realism you get after opening up the figure,looking at the on-card art and reading the characters file card.Certain figures just have a certain presence about them and this Cobra  Night Adder is one of them.After taking Night Adder out of the package i realized that he had tatoos on his arms,back and one that says “Cobra La”on his abdomen!The first thing that popped into my head was “Gangsta”!I mean the guy comes with  a  shotgun,pistol,hand knife and a friggin’   Rottweiler(who BTW should have been given a name IMO) !He really is an intimidating figure and my only gripe is that i wish his file card had more of a background story on him.

Cobra Night Adder

Night Adder tattoos

Night Adder tattoos (back)

Night Adder Rottweiler


4 responses to “G.I. Joe ROC Night Adder

  1. This is too cool man! I went to TJ Maxx and picked up the same guy… awesome!! I was hoping to find Charbroil and the Viper but him and Storm Shadow (also had the variant) was the only two they had. Great photos and great post! I think the ROC figures look great, love it!

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