He-Man 2002

This is one of the 6 gazillion toy’s that arrived at my doorstep yesterday courtesy of my good friend jboypacman!I have to say that this figure right here is my favorite.This is the 2002 He-Man, based on the cartoon series that aired that year on the Cartoon Network.I remember watching the first few episodes and really liking it,although i think they ended up canceling it. I believe this figure is complete and looks incredible on display!Thanks again JB 😉

2002 He-Man

CONT. Pics

3 responses to “He-Man 2002

  1. Don’t worry jboypac,these guys are all in good hands 😉
    P.S. You should be expecting a visit from a Joe or two this week,keep an eye on your mailbox!:)

    Thanks JD!jboypac may have sparked my interest in this line.I’ve already watched a couple of the cartoon episodes online and some of the other figures released from this line look great.

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