Ninja Corps (New Recruits) Decoder 11/7-11/13

Ladies and gentlemen let the budget bonanza begin!I posted about this line of figures a while back and today i will add one more to the collection.Say hello to “Decoder” the third and final member of  the Ninja Corps Shinobi Squad.I picked up Mirage and Rain a couple weeks back and really loved them,so naturally i had to go back for Decoder.This is another great looking figure from LANARD’S The Corps! toy line and and you can’t beat the $1.77 price tag.The figure is solid and the only negative are his accessories.They don’t lock on to his arms as snug as i want them to but they still stay on and make the figure look great when attached!


CONT. Pics


6 responses to “Ninja Corps (New Recruits) Decoder 11/7-11/13

  1. Agreed JB!I have really grown fond of these figures.I think it may have to do with the color schemes since Lanard seems to change them every re-release.For instance this all black Decoder looks better to me than the earlier yellow and black version did.

  2. By the way, which one of those ninja guys is the “sea squad”? I saw the ad on the ‘net for it, but with two different photos. One is the “decoder” you discuss here, and the other is “rain” if i’m not mistaken. Those two photos were served for the same product on sale, which is the “sea squad”. Mind explaining how the “sea squad” really is? Thank you, sorry for bothering.

    • Thanks for commenting Ken!Sometimes these CORPS figures can be mistakenly placed in the wrong packaging.I’ve seen some Terra team figures packaged in Shinobi Squad cards,so it can be a bit confusing.As far as I know there are only three Shinobi Squad members-Rain,Decoder and Mirage.As far as the Sea Squad goes,according to the back of the card there are two-Marcus Dundee”RIP” and Carlos Perez “GILLS”.

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