G.I. Joe ROC : Charbroil

This is an ROC figure that eluded me for quite some time.What i like so much about good ol’ Charbroil here is that i used to own the original  1988 version of him.This ROC version stays pretty true to the original  color-wise and his chest plate and helmet are also reminiscent(although not spot-on) of the 80’s version.I only wish that his helmet was able to come off, but other than that this is a nice looking figure and a welcome addition to my collection.I was going to wait until Wednesday to go live with this post but my good buddy JDubG  from Metal Borgs was pretty psyched about seeing this guy freed from his on-card confines so here he is J.Again..he’s not the flashiest of figures but if you owned the earlier versions of him as a kid this might be a cool figure to have.


CONT. pics

















Here is the original 1988 version..

















File Card

5 responses to “G.I. Joe ROC : Charbroil

  1. There he is! Yeah, he looks great and I enjoy this look more so then the 1988 version. The gun that he comes with is ridiculous though, lol. Just look at that thing man, geez! Thanks for the shout-out friend.

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