Social Vibe!

Looking for new widgets to add to my blog i happened to stumble across one called Social Vibe.Social Vibe is a way to to help out a charity(The American Red  Cross in my case) by simply completing activities that can be accessed through the Social Vibe widget on the top left hand corner of  your screen(if you are on my blog site that is;) I still have a little bit of reading up to do on the site  and how it actually works but so far it seems that with every activity completed a small donation is made towards the charity.I will complete an activity today to see if i can get the ball rolling and see where it goes from there.The American Red Cross provides aid,food and shelter for victims of natural disasters and let’s face it these types of things are happening a lot more often these days and i thought what better way to make a small contribution then with my blog.So if you have the time to complete an activity or two give it a try.Thanks Guys!

4 responses to “Social Vibe!

  1. Thanks J!I haven’t actually performed an activity yet because it tells me that new ones are on the way so i’m not sure if the widget is buggy or if indeed new activities are on the way.We’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for checking it out though!

  2. Thanks JBP, I’m not sure if it’s working correctly though.I’ve sent an e-mail out to WordPress to see if i can get this resolved.It really is a cool idea!

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