Marvel Universe Punisher

I picked this guy up about a month ago and was pretty surprised to find it on the pegs.I missed out on the first wave of  MU Punisher figures  and i wasn’t about to pay 15 bucks for him online,so i got pretty lucky when this one popped up at my local Wal-Mart.

MU Punisher

Cont. Pics

7 responses to “Marvel Universe Punisher

  1. JDubG- Thanks J!This was one figure that i really wanted to get since the first release.In desperation i almost picked up a loose Punisher figure from the TARGET two-pack w/ Iron Man sheesh!

    jboypac- Thanks jbp!Funny how you called him Frank Castle.Somehow the name Frank Castle sounds more intimidating than The Punisher does lol.

  2. This one looks pretty good. The first one, and the one released with Iron Man had terrible face molds. The Punisher is one of my favorite comic characters, but the only figure I own of him is the Marvel Legends one, which is a very nice figure. But again, this one looks very nice.

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