Library Stop Pt.2: Marvel “Frontline” Civil War V.1 -2

“Frontline” Civil War takes place after the events at Stamford in the main  Civil War  series and focuses mostly on two reporters, Sally Floyd and Ben Urich.Now if you would have told me that the protagonists of a comic book were going to be two reporters,i probably wouldn’t have picked it up,but since this was from the Civil War series i really wanted to check it out .Going into this read i pretty much already knew what to expect and after reading the first few pages i was hooked!The two reporters  go around investigating and getting leads a la “Moulder and Scully” and do an excellent job of it.Both reporters are given assignments by there respective  bosses but instead go off on there own to further investigate the truth behind the Super-Hero Registration law and the ulterior motives of  major players Iron Man and Captain America.

Marvel"Frontline" Civil War V.1

Marvel "Frontline" V.2

Cont. Pics

There is a ton of other stuff going on in this book including The New Warriors Speedball dealing with the constant repercussions of the incident at Stamford and even the Atlanteans get into the political mix as well.Definitely give this a read if you haven’t already 😉



2 responses to “Library Stop Pt.2: Marvel “Frontline” Civil War V.1 -2

  1. I really like Front Line for what it was…
    And I really felt that it should have been a book that continued out on it’s own monthly or even every other month. Not just when they want to use it as filler for one of the events. Planet Hulk, Secret Invasion…ect.
    They had a really good premise to keep it going between ‘Events’..
    Its kinda like the off shoot Daily Bugle limited series that did that explained how Norman Osborne got put in jail….IMO they should do more stuff like this. Makes it feel like it could happen when you see a real world perspective on it.

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