He-Man 2002 Mekaneck

A while back jboypacman was cool enough to send some action figures my way and this Mekaneck figure was one of them.I really love the elongated design of these figures as opposed to the short and stocky look of the 80’s line.I have this guy  displayed  on a small shelf in my spare room and he looks great.Thanks again jbp!

He-Man 2002 Mekaneck

Cont. Pics


9 responses to “He-Man 2002 Mekaneck

  1. Being born in 1979, I’m a fan of the old MOTU figures. But these are quite nice. They have solid detailing, and at least He-Man is wearing a loincloth now instead of furry underwear. lol.

  2. I was never a fan of Mekaneck. Even as a kid with the original release…I just though he looked weird. lol
    While the update does look pretty sleek…once his neck pops out…I don’t like him anymore. 😦

  3. Jason: I dig the 80’s line as well don’t get me wrong but these larger versions give the characters a certain presence and display ability.Let’s see furry underwear in the 80’s,loincloth in 2002 what next…capris?LOL Thanks for commenting Jason!

    BDD:Yeah i like this version of him better than the 80’s one,the scale of this figure compliments the long neck better i think.Thanks for looking BDD!

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