Knock-Off Legos!

I just picked up this cheap set of Knock-Off  Legos made by a company called BEST-LOCK Construction Toys.The military theme really sparked my interest and furthermore i think i’ve caught the mini-fig bug LOL !Anyways i did some research on line and saw that these particular sets got some terrible reviews so once i get this out of the box and built i’ll give you guys my take on them.

BEST LOCK Military Playset

4 responses to “Knock-Off Legos!

  1. I bought two Best Lock sets on discount and found them poorly made and terrible at staying together. But if this set works for you congratz. It does look very nice. I found a fellow who blogged about the Stargate sets licensed to them and the horrors he reported were almost laughable if not for the fact he spent money on them. So I tend to avoid BL, but I have found Block Tech and Sluban make a good discount brick.

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