1988 G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. Super Trooper (Mail-in) 12/12-12/18

My first ever figure “mail-in” experience was in 1988 when i sent away for what i thought was the most amazing looking figure in the G.I. Joe universe…. “Super Trooper”!All chromed out!As a kid i remember seeing the “Super Trooper” commercial on television and wanting it so bad!My friends and i would sit around and talk about what action figures were on our radar and Super Trooper would always come up in our conversations.I was getting ready to take a trip with my dad down to Florida but before we left   I took it upon myself  to collect the 4 certificates needed to send away for  the figure  and ultimately did.My mom had stayed behind and i remember calling her every other day from Florida to ask her if my “Super Trooper” had come in the mail yet LOL! I must have driven her crazy!Before leaving Florida to come back home i decided to make one last call to see if it had arrived and indeed it had.This particular figure i picked up on eBay with his shield and helmet a few years back .He’s missing his rifle and file card  but still serves it’s purpose looking cool as ever on display next to my other Joes!I have him holding a rifle that came with one of my G.I. Joe ROC figures.Enjoy the pics!

1988 G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. Super Trooper

A sparring session!

11 responses to “1988 G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. Super Trooper (Mail-in) 12/12-12/18

    • I gotta tell ya abba is a bit before my time but it must have been a catchy tune 🙂 and you’re more than welcomed to break into song if you feel the need too!LOL Thanks for commenting Debs!

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