The CORPS! Action Ready 3 Man Recon

I picked this up a while back and figured it was about time that i post about it. This is that 5 dollar set that you see warming the pegs in your local Wal-Mart’s  toy aisle hanging hopelessly next to the 30th ann. Joe’s trying desperately to fit in,and although these figures don’t get 1/4 of the attention other more popular toy brands receive i really love em’!Here we have Alex Brody A.K.A.” Rucker”, Zander Baptiste A.K.A “Crash” and Marcus Dundee A.K.A. “Rip”!This set also comes with a motorcycle that while not top quality,still serves it’s purpose.

The CORPS! 3 Man Recon

Cont. Pics

5 responses to “The CORPS! Action Ready 3 Man Recon

  1. These are really fun figures and you can’t beat the price but i really miss the classic “O-Ring” ones that they first did back in the 80s those really did have a lot of character and were on part with the GI Joes back then as far as build. Also did you know they released a couple of playsets for these? They came and went from Wal-Marts earlier this year.

  2. Yeah i still see those playsets floatin’ around every now and then.I think the ones in the 80’s were called action force weren’t they?I remember having a couple of those back then.

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