G.I. Joe ROC Heavy Duty 12/26-1/1

Now that the perpetual roller coaster ride that is Christmas is over we can all get back to a little normalcy. I hope everyone got what they asked for and more importantly enjoyed a day filled with good health and fun with family and friends!My older brother, just in from out of town,like always “hooked me up” with an  XBOX 360 and some other sports related gifts as well as MLB 2k11 and an extra controller!Thanks  to my brother i can finally put away my old-gen XBOX and come out of the dark ages with a little 360 action 😉 Older brothers..ya gotta love em’!Thanks bro 🙂 Things were pretty tight around here lately so the gifts did not come in abundance this year although my girlfriend was able to score a couple cheap items off of  Ebay for me,one was 6 bucks and the other just $4.Both are super cool though and i’ll be posting pics of them as soon as they arrive..thanks babe 😉  My little ones  really made out with the youngest scoring an Easy Bake oven which was quickly put to the test  when we decided that it would be cool to have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.My two oldest received a bunch of cool gadgetry and cool tech stuff as well as a scooter that i’ll be putting together sometime this week.Aside from the usual stress filled moments that last minute shopping and early store closings can burden us with,it was all well worth it!I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a nostalgia filled 2012!Now that we’ve got that squared away i would like to kick this week off with a continuance of  last weeks tribute to the new G.I. Joe Retaliation trailer by posting some ROC figures along with some scenes from the movie.Enjoy everyone!

G.I. Joe ROC Heavy Duty


File Card

7 responses to “G.I. Joe ROC Heavy Duty 12/26-1/1

  1. I hope that you had a great Christmas my friend! BTW, your package is not finished yet, I am going to include something that I think you will love so just be patient and bare with me. Please do not buy ANY Predator figures until you get my package ha ha!

    – Anyway, this figure looks just like the actor and the chain-gun looks great. I

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