G.I. Joe R.O.C. Cobra Commander

I like the R.O.C. movie version of Cobra Commander action figure.There i said it.I confess.In the past there has been so much hating on this figure and truthfully i can understand why.He looks nothing like the Cobra Commander we’ve all grown to love over the course of our child, and for some, adult hood.Some have complained about the trench coat and others about the wing tip shoes.I,on the other hand,don’t have a problem with any of these things. To me this version of C.C. gives him the appearance of a boss. The guy behind the scenes who pushes buttons and calls the shots while making the occasional appearance on national television to brief the public on his latest evil doings,and i think ROC  C.C. is appropriately dressed for this part.I also dig the fact that his mask is translucent,making his disfigured face partly visible.All in all a pretty good rendition of Cobra Commander IMO.

G.I. Joe R.O.C. Cobra Commander


G.I. Joe POC Zartan 1/30-2/5

I recently picked this up on eBay and i’m pretty psyched about it considering these are no where to be found in stores and the 3 dollar shipping price was unbelievably low for a carded figure.I’ll post some pics of  Zartan loose as soon as i take him out of the package, but for now here he is carded.

G.I. Joe POC Zartan


New Additions (thanks to jboypac!)

Not only did jboypacman send me an awesome Toxie figure that had been on my wanted list for a while now,but he also sent over some other figures as well.I can still remember the feeling i got back in the 4th grade during our class gift exchange party when i received a Tunnel Rat figure from my secret santa.As a kid,the feeling of receiving a G.I. Joe figure as a gift is unparallelled and thanks to jboypacman i got to feel that way all over again!I was already wowed by the complete Toxie when i noticed  the 25th ann. Joe figures Tiger Force Duke and Croc Master!On top of that  i had been at Wal-Mart earlier that day looking for a Captain America Movie Crossbones figure so when i opened the package and found him next to an awesome War Machine figure and a Playmobile version of  Zorro,my jaw dropped! You can’t find this figure anywhere. The Joes and Crossbones figure play an integral part in my action figure collection but as cool as the War Machine and Playmobile figurey are i’ll be passing them on. Consider this a second thank you and a much deserved one to jboypacman!If anyone is interested in the War Machine,Zorro and Batmobile let me know!


If anyone is interested in any of these two figures(War Machine,Playmobile Zorro) or Batmobile let me know!


jboypacman does it again!

A while back i posted a “Most Wanted Action Figures” list here on Action Figs & Things,and one of those figures happened to be Toxie from the 90’s cartoon series “Toxic Crusaders”.Fellow blogger and good friend jboypacman  (http://revengefromthecosmicark.blogspot.com/) just so happened to have a Toxie figure and very kindly offered to send it over to me.Seeing as this was a figure that has eluded me in the past and had been on my radar for a long time now i could not refuse the offer. So i get home today and darn near trip over a package  left there for me by my post man and wouldn’t you know it,it was from jboypacman!Here i am totally psyched about jbp sending me just the Toxie and he outdoes himself..again…by sending me a shoebox sized package full of goodies(which i’ll be posting about  very soon). Not only did he send me a Toxie figure, it was a  100% COMPLETE TOXIE!Holy crap i nearly lost it when i saw that his American flag adorned mop with the rest of his accessories were all there. Now my very first memories of Toxie stem back to the early 80’s when the live action film “The Toxic Avenger” released.After that i think a video game was released and then ultimately the cartoon series.I’ve always loved this figures color scheme, overall look and detailed sculpt.I’m not surprised that Playmates released this line of figures as they were released in the 90’s and Playmates pretty much had that decade on lock.A super huge shout out  and genuine thank you goes out to jboypac 😉 !

1991 Toxic Crusaders Toxie

90’s Action Figures! 1997 Playmates Don Diego Zorro w/Slashing Sword

Continuing on with the 90’s theme,today we have everybody’s favorite masked (or in this case not so masked) swordsman Don Diego A.K.A.  Zorro! Here is a figure i knew nothing about until one day while looking at some of the older vintage Zorro figures on line, these 1990’s version of Zorro’s made by Playmates  popped up .I thought what better way to start my 1990’s collection of action figures than with Zorro!Granted there were other versions of him from this line but something about this one really stood out to me.I think the battle scars and wrapped arms is what did it for me, and needless to say he now adorns my(very small) 1990’s section of action figures.As much as i like this figure there are some things about it that kind of bug me.For starters- the fact that the arm which holds the sword is permanently straight and outward.It would have been cool if  he would have been able to hold it out in front of him. The arm does twist around but that’s about it.The other thing is that this is Zorro and i think that his trademark black mask should have at least been painted on.Other than those two beefs everything else about this figure IMO is pretty cool.The “slashing sword” feature is pretty cool and can be activated by turning the wheel on Zorros back.I really like this line and might have to go looking for other versions of him.Enjoy the pics!

1997 Playmates Don Diego Zorro w/slashing sword

90’s Action Figures! 1996 Warriors of Virtue-Yee

A little while back i was taking a look at one of  Bubbashelby’s posts over at Toyriffic  about a 1990’s Power Ranger action figure and it got me to thinking about how the 90’s had it’s share of some pretty cool action figures.So i jumped online to take a look at some of them and was intrigued by some of the great looking figures and character designs.Some i already knew about and others were pretty much new to me.I snagged up a couple off of eBay and both of them arrived today.So we’ll kick things off with this 1996 Warriors of Virtue Yee figure.I remembered these figures the minute i saw them online because my nephew had a couple of them as a kid and i always liked the design.These figures are based on the movie “Warriors of Virtue” and if you couldn’t tell,Yee here is a KANGAROO!One of 5 kangaroos schooled in the Martial Arts and burdened with the task of protecting a young boy who accidentally travels into their time. I don’t remember the movie too well(and from what i’ve read it wasn’t that good) but i do remember the insanely sick choreographed fight scenes.I got this figure pretty cheap online because of the mangled blister packaging and the first thing i noticed about it was it’s overall chunkiness.This really is one heavy mass of plastic,typical of most of the action figures released in that decade.I picked up Yee not knowing much about his background but after reading his bio on the back of the card i like him even more.Here is an excerpt-

“Yee is the silent judge of right from wrong and lives by a strict code of honor.

He uses sign language to communicate with his fellow warriors.Yee’s steely

silence gives him the appearance of being unfeeling,but underneath his indomitable

will is a heart of gold”

1996 Warriors of Virtue -Yee

Each Warrior of Virtue has his own strength and virtue.Yee harnesses the virtue of righteousness and the strength of metal.In the movie,Yee’s weapon of choice is a metal ring and while it’s not the most menacing or dangerous looking accessory,it’s sculpted nicely.With 7 points of articulation and durable design,this figure should fit in nicely with the rest of my collection.


1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man 1/16-1/22

This is one of my favorites of the Secret Wars line because of the vibrant color scheme.I also love the fact that Iron Man here,like select other SW figures,has one of his fists balled up and ready for action.I was able to score this one a while back with minimal paint wear(if any)and most of his accessories(i think i’m missing some additional shield inserts).I love the Secret Wars toy line but i find that not too many other figures blend in with them.I was taking a look at jboypacmans “Most Wanted ” list and i was reminded of Remco’s Mighty Crusaders line and how well they may look next to some of my Secret Wars figures.It might be a longshot (with the Mighty Crusaders head size and all) but these two brands may look pretty cool together and i now have these figures on my radar as well. If i do manage to score some in the near future i’ll make sure to take some side by side comparison pics of the two lines.If anybody knows of another brand of action figure that might blend in well with the SW’s line  i would love some suggestions.(BTW-The Iron Man ball was a gift from my daughter,daddy loves you very much 🙂 )

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man