1986 Marshall BraveStarr 1/2-1/8

This was my 2nd X-Mas gift  and it arrived on  Saturday giving me time to take some pics this weekend to get the first week of the new year rolling.I never owned a Marshall BraveStarr figure as a kid but i always wanted one.I did however have Tex Hex(BraveStarrs arch-nemesis) and the only figures i had in about the same  scale  were my Sectaurs  although Tex Hex stood a few inches taller.I really dig this figure and i would recommend this line to anyone who collects vintage action figures.They stand about 8 inches tall and make great display pieces.Also..if  anyone out there has any of his accessories(vest or hat mainly) and would like to make a trade of some sort let me know 😉

Marshall BraveStarr


4 responses to “1986 Marshall BraveStarr 1/2-1/8

  1. Doh! I was down state about a year ago for a get together at a well known arcade we go to when we get a chance and while there we deiced to hit up a couple of other places. One of the spots was a place that was a sort of antique/thrift shop who let us go looking around in there basement. One of the things i found down there in a little box was BRAVESTARR’s hat and vest! Am not kidding. I should grabbed them and just keep them for when someone needed them but i just wasn’t thinking.

    • HA..that’s hilarious!It’s all good jbp i’m sure i’ll be able to find them somewhere.I’ve looked on ebay to no avail but it’s only a matter of time before someone puts them up for sale or hopefully someone will read this and want to trade.

  2. Great looking figure, really digging these vintage toy’s. The face sculpt and body paint look real good, especially during the time it was released.

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