90’s Action Figures! 1990 T.M.N.T. Triceraton

By now everyone pretty much knows how much of an 80’s toy fanatic i am,but there is another decade of  phenomenal action figures which i am discreetly fond of and that decade is none other than the 1990’s!Now..by the time 1990 rolled around i was already passed the stage of  collecting and playing with toys but that didn’t mean that i was completely out of the loop.At that time my nephews had started collecting, becoming  enveloped in there own action figure bliss while i vicariously prolonged my affinity for toys through them.Pretty sad huh LOL!So come Christmas around that time all of my presents were more of the mature variety like walk men,hand held electronics and clothes while my nephews got all the cool toys and action figures!Looking back on it now the 90’s had just as many awesome action figures as the 80’s did,and ultimately led me to want to start posting about them.I recently received a cash gift from a family member and decided to pick up a couple of  90’s figures on eBay so as soon as those arrive i’ll be posting about them.Fortunately i just so happen to have a figure that has a date stamp of 1990 on it(although it may have been released in ’89).  I’ll begin with this awesome Triceraton figure that made his way into my collection thanks to a package that was sent to me by jboypac!This guy is from the T.M.N.T. universe and by the time he was released i had already stopped collecting that series.I love this figure so much (maybe because it reminds me of  the old REMCO stuff) that i decided to embellish his pic a little.


9 responses to “90’s Action Figures! 1990 T.M.N.T. Triceraton

  1. The only thing I hated about the TMNT figures from around that time are the way the legs are hingled at the waist. I had that figure..and he got dropped, the plastic inside his waits just popped and that was the end of his long ‘standing’ career. ^_^
    Not a bad looking figure at all…but as time went on they started making them cheaper and cheaper. 😦

  2. Hey BDD long time no hear from!Sorry to hear about your Triceraton.I did notice that about some of the newer T.M.N.T. figures.Here’s to hoping mine can weather the storm LOL!

    • “Hey BDD long time no hear from!”
      Yeah I took a bit of a break. ^_^

      I’m sure it’s just how he landed…but I have a Rahzar figure that has busted insides too. It was the cheap plastic me thinks.

  3. Nice! This is a figure I never owned. I do believe he has roots in the original B&W comics(it’s been too long since I read any of them, I do have a lot though). Very cool looking figure though, and even better looking photo! 🙂

  4. Thanks Jason!I never got passed the first issue of the b&w comic but i did do a Triceraton background check and the story behind the whole Triceraton race was very cool 😉

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