Heroic Moments In Gaming: Freedom Force PC 1/9-1/15

Needless to say this segment  falls under the “Things”  category of  this  blog’s title.Even before games like X-Men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance released,there existed a little gem for the PC called Freedom Force. I really didn’t know what to expect from this game when i picked it up online close to 6 years ago.The game ran on earlier versions of XP and required a bit of troubleshooting and patching for it to run correctly,but once i got around to playing it i was hooked!The storyline and  cut scenes are styled  after  comics of the early 80’s variety with “Stan Lee -like” narration. This really is the closest you’ll ever come to actually playing a comic book IMO.I expected the characters to come off as cheesy knock-offs , but the character designs and background stories are totally original and very much comparable  to those in the Marvel and DC universe.The packaging was what got me when it first arrived in the mail with a shiny embossed look and a front cover that opens up to reveal awesome artwork and additional screen shots . I never managed to beat the game the first time around but now that i have a separate  computer running an older version of XP i’m ready to give it another try.Enjoy the pics!

Here are some of the character bios from the game’s manual!