1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man 1/16-1/22

This is one of my favorites of the Secret Wars line because of the vibrant color scheme.I also love the fact that Iron Man here,like select other SW figures,has one of his fists balled up and ready for action.I was able to score this one a while back with minimal paint wear(if any)and most of his accessories(i think i’m missing some additional shield inserts).I love the Secret Wars toy line but i find that not too many other figures blend in with them.I was taking a look at jboypacmans “Most Wanted ” list and i was reminded of Remco’s Mighty Crusaders line and how well they may look next to some of my Secret Wars figures.It might be a longshot (with the Mighty Crusaders head size and all) but these two brands may look pretty cool together and i now have these figures on my radar as well. If i do manage to score some in the near future i’ll make sure to take some side by side comparison pics of the two lines.If anybody knows of another brand of action figure that might blend in well with the SW’s line  i would love some suggestions.(BTW-The Iron Man ball was a gift from my daughter,daddy loves you very much 🙂 )

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man


6 responses to “1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man 1/16-1/22

  1. The only figure that I am really wanting is Hobgoblin. I have quite a few of the other figures and the vehicles. But Hobgoblin has eluded me. 😦
    Love the Secret Wars toyline. ^_^
    I display the Super Powers Collection with my Secret Wars figures……I think they go great together. 🙂

  2. I thought about the Superpowers line but they are so darn expensive!
    BTW-i’ve been trying to comment on your site but it still won’t let me.jboypac’s was doing the same but just recently started to work again.I’ll try commenting again 😉

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