G.I. Joe POC Zartan 1/30-2/5

I recently picked this up on eBay and i’m pretty psyched about it considering these are no where to be found in stores and the 3 dollar shipping price was unbelievably low for a carded figure.I’ll post some pics of  Zartan loose as soon as i take him out of the package, but for now here he is carded.

G.I. Joe POC Zartan


7 responses to “G.I. Joe POC Zartan 1/30-2/5

  1. Awesome pick-up! One: I have been wanting to get this one, I never see him in stores, Two: how much did you pay for him on Ebay because he is going for about twenty-five to thirty dollars right?

  2. He used to go for about 15 bucks back when he first came out but you could find him on ebay now anywhere from 9 to 15 dollars(not including shipping).I got this one for about 9 bucks J.If you check right now on ebay there are about two or three selling for about 9-10 bucks.

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