MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons

Well i wasn’t able to score a Stormie after checking out a local Ollie’s,Wal-Mart and Toys R Us but i did pick up the most unlikely toy today and that would be this box of  Mega Bloks.This was more of an impulse buy and for 3 bucks it might be worth it.Something about the box art screamed 1980’s but since i knew nothing about this line i wasn’t about to pay more than 3 dollars for it.I also liked the fact that the figure inside comes with  weapon’s and when i saw the character selection on the back of the box i thought why not.I haven’t opened this yet but as soon as i do i’ll put you guy’s up on the scoop!

MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons

3 responses to “MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons

  1. I’ll be posting some pics soon,maybe even tonight jb.I’ve already taking some out but have about 4 more figures to build.They are pretty small but loaded with personality.It turns out these are gamepieces for a D&G-like card game.This was the last one at Marshall’s and i think they are from ’07,i may be wrong.I’ll have to check out the box.

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