G.I. Joe ROC Gung-Ho 2/13-2/19

Every now and then i look at these amazing little over articulated  3 3/4  G.I. Joe figures of mine and think to myself  how much fun it would  have been to have these as a kid!I mean with all the different ways you can pose these  figures  now a days and the seemingly endless amount of accessories included with them just makes my imagination go nutsos!I don’t actually play with my toys like i did as a kid  but when figures like this Gung-Ho come along, i come dangerously close to losing all inhibitions lol!As a kid this figure would have been the one that went on solo missions,overcoming absurd obstacles and single handedly  taking out waves of  Cobra troopers in a balls out Joe rescue attempt!The 1980’s version of Gung-Ho is a classic but the figure’s design never did the cartoon version of him any justice.The 25th Ann. Gung-Ho was o.k. but slightly over- exaggerated in the muscles department whereas this ROC version,IMO,knocks it out of the park!

G.I. Joe ROC Gung-Ho


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