Arctic Backdrop

Here’s my new foam backdrop.I tried my best to get the right shades of Grey,White and Black to get that arctic look and while it’s not a perfect representation i’m pretty happy with it.

Here is the Flickr edited pic with falling snow 😉


6 responses to “Arctic Backdrop

    • Thanks JD!The carving out of the foam takes minutes(the brick patterns take longer) to do.It’s the painting part of it that takes a little longer because of drying times and trying to get the right shades.I would say about 2-3 hours if you factor in the time it takes for the paint to dry.

  1. Try the background like the painter did in Empire Strikes back….Some blue sky off to the right and some snowtopped covered mountains to the left etc…Ya never know.

  2. Thanks for commenting Bane.And yes i definitely want to incorporate some sky and maybe some clouds into my next backdrop,i’m just not that confident in my painting skills yet lol.I will give it a shot though 😉

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