MU Captain America Movie:Crossbones 2/27-3/4

A little while back jboypacman of sent me an AF(Action Figure) package with lots of cool figures,and one of them just so happened to be this awesome Crossbones figure.Crossbones had been on my toy-dar for the longest and jbp was cool enough to send him over!I can’t get over how cool and creepy this figure is.He kind of reminds me of  “BUBBA” from the Chainsaw Massacre films,don’t know why he just does lol.I’m not too familiar with his background or origins but i did read that he was an x gang member in New York who ultimately joined The Red Skull in Algeria.This is definitely one my favorite figures to date and all thanks to blog buddy jboypacman for sending him my way 😉 Enjoy the pics!

MU Crossbones



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