And The Winner Is…..

G.I. Joe has seen it’s fair share of¬† renditions and incarnations dating back to the 60’s.I hopped on the Joe wagon in the mid 80’s,right around the time the cartoon was released and have been hooked since.What you are about to read are my personal opinions on G.I. Joe action figures throughout the years and which line of Joes i feel is the best.

The 1980’s¬† saw the first ever release of a¬† 3 3/4¬† G.I. Joe action figure and what figures they were!Equipped with removable helmets,weapons and accessories,Hasbro would take the ball and run with this sculpt and design and hit a home run with pretty much every figure released in that decade.

In 1990 Hasbro stayed with the same formula that made the 80’s line so popular by creating unique characters and figure sculpts.Characters like Ambush,Bullhorn and Salvo all had that military vibe to them sporting camouflage fatigues¬† and packing some serious heat!Similar to the ROC and POC line of Joes,the 1990 product came laden with accessories!

1991-94 marked the beginning of  color splashed characters and neon weapons.Cobra Commander receives a not so appealing make over and Snake Eyes dons the infamous purple and black commando suit and is packaged with a bright red sub machine gun and two  red swords along with other brightly colored weaponry..ugh!

1995 to 2006 was somewhat of a blur¬† for me probably because i wasn’t collecting at those points in time ,although i always found time to stroll down my local department stores toy aisle to check on the progression of my long time favorite action figures.What i found were basically¬† team packs of rehashed old time favorites like The Baroness and Navy seal packs that included Wet Suit,Torpedo and Shipwreck but nothing that¬† made me say “WOW these Joes have come a long way” or impressed me in any way shape or form.Valor vs. Venom,Sigma Six and G.I. Joe Extreme was also out around those times but never sparked my interest.Well..Sigma Six a little but none of the others did anything for me.

From 2007 -’08¬† Hasbro seems to get back on track with the release of their 25th Ann. line¬† by going back to the character designs that made Joe action figures so popular in the first place,only this time with added articulation and a slightly taller sculpt than the ’80’s version it payed homage to.These figures also came with a slew of accessories as well as personalized figure stands.I believe the 25th Ann. line was the first time Joe’s were released with stands although i could be wrong.Any ways it was a great addition nonetheless that stood the test of time and are now¬† the norm with all G.I. Joe figures that have been released since then.

In 2009 the animated film/mini-series G.I.Joe Resolute hits the airwaves and i don’t now about you but i absolutely loved it.Hasbro then releases figures based on the film and boy did they hit a home run with these guys!The art on the single carded figures packaging was slightly different than the 25th ann. art and more true to the way the characters looked on the Resolute mini-series.Then came G.I. Joe The ROC live action film and with it a line of movie based action figures.I can’t say much about the base figures¬† because most were bland but at
the same time very high quality.These too came with there own figure stands and an enormous amount of accessories.Hasbro then took it one step further by releasing ROC figures that never made a movie appearance.Characters like Barbecue and fan favorites like Shipwreck and Doc could be found exclusively at Toys R Us,Wal Mart and Target . These waves of ROC figures ,my friends would ultimately pave the way for the release of my personal favorite line and IMO the best line of G.I. Joe figures in terms of originiality,quality and quantity…2010 G.I. Joe The Pursuit of Cobra!These figures stayed true to the characters they portrayed while giving them just enough of a make over to breathe new life back into characters like Snake Eyes,Dusty,Zartan and the list goes on.Figures like Low-Light,v.54 Snake Eyes w/ extra head along with the Cobra Shock Trooper were popular among collectors and(Low-Light & v.54
Snake Eyes)  are still regarded as the best versions of their respective characters.

2011-12 would see the release of G.I. Joe 30th Ann. along with the cartoon based Renegade figures which except for the Storm Shadow I’m really not too thrilled about.This summer,along with the blockbuster film, we should expect to see the pegs filled with G.I. Joe Retaliation figures and from what I’ve seen it seems like Hasbro may be taking a step backwards from ROC and POC¬† with these,almost like they did in the mid 90’s.The figures seem to be more “kid-oriented” with¬† bright colored weapons and although I’m not absolutely sure of it,there doesn’t seem to be any figure stands included.I’m digging the new look Cobra Commander and the ROCK as Roadblock will be a must buy but I’m not too crazy about the other figures in this line.

All in all the 30th Ann. line is solid and the jury is still out on the Retaliation figures but in my book G.I. Joe POC still holds the title in terms of¬† character selection,design,sculpt quality and awesome accessories ūüėČ


Foam Dojo Dio 3/26-4/1

With all the cool G.I. Joe Retaliation Ninja figures¬† that will soon be hitting the market and the few Ninja and martial arts themed figures that i have now, i figured I’d take a stab at creating a¬† Dojo out of the same foam that I’ve used to make some of the other dio’s that I’ve shown recently here on “Action Figs & Things”. While it still needs a couple of paint touch ups here and there I am fairly pleased with the results.Enjoy the pics!

Action Figure Trading Cards!

Well,my version of them anyways.I still love sports cards and have decided to try something new.Basically I’ve taken different brands of past sports cards and added action figure pics to them.I think an action figure line of trading cards would be pretty cool.So here is one that I’ve recently finished.The Indiana Jones card is based on the ’87 Donruss design.Even if an action figure line of cards never hits the market,i think one of these major card company’s should release a set based on the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie coming out this summer.

Bane’s Awesome Monster Themed Cafe in Mexico!

Every once in a while fellow blog reader and commenter on Action Figs & Things Bane¬† drops by to leave me a comment or two and i really appreciate him taking the time to do so.In my last post Bane commented on a Monster themed cafe that he ran(and still runs) in Mexico and left this great link¬†!/media/set/?set=a.220769358451.173050.209432898451&type=3 to some Facebook photos of¬† the establishment.Hopefully he won’t mind me using this pic¬† for the post ūüėČ I don’t frequent Mexico much but i have a huge family and if any one of them ever decide to take trip to Mexico at any point and time i will definitely recommend this unique and truly one of a kind cafe!

PSSST.. Hey jb you gotta take a look at these pics!


Remember When…… 3/19-3/25

“$4.00 for a comic book?!?You gotta be out of your mind!”Those were the words I so adamantly uttered as i looked at the cover price of¬† a recently released T.M.N.T comic book at a local supermarket.This wasn’t even a double sized issue or anything,it was just your run of the mill ¬† 17-20 page comic book.Shocked as i was i started turning the rotatable rack to see if i could find anything in the dollar range LOL, clearly my¬† “80’s state of mind” had reared it’s ugly head again,impairing any and all ability to¬† fathom the monetary value of¬† a comic book in the year 2,012.My Spidey Sense(or was it my girlfriend) told me to drop the book and walk away slowly.Which kind of sucks because i was really ready to give comic book collecting another try, but that notion my friends quickly fell by the wayside. The same goes for action figures..i’m not mentioning any..ahem “Marvel Universe” …names or anything ,sports cards and when did 60 dollars become the norm for a video game?Holy Stromboli ūüėģ Now i know the price of these items today are relative to the day and age we live in and 20 years from now comics will probably jump to 8 bucks an issue and the price of 3 3/4 action figures will sky rocket ūüė¶¬† ,but one can still sit back and reminisce about the good ol’ days when a pocket full of change got you an awesome Marvel mag or a wax pack of¬† baseball cards(with gum to boot). I remember mowing a lawn or shoveling someones drive way and making enough money to go out and buy 2-3 ridiculously awesome¬† G.I. Joe or Marvel Secret Wars figures!Those were the days ūüėČ


National Museum of Play Vintage Toy pics

Every so often my girlfriend and i pack up the kids(not literally) and head over to our local Museum of Play,a place where the kids can play games,make arts and crafts and we the parents can enjoy some of the cool displays and artwork.With every visit,i make it a point to check out the vintage toy section where everything from comic books to vintage dolls can be found¬† beautifully on display.The action figures they have on display look amazing,although some of the Star Wars¬† figures look¬† somewhat recent to me,hmmm.Take a look at the pic down below and make the call,i’m far from a¬† Star Wars expert¬† LOL!These are only some of the toys that can be found at the museum,there are literally thousands more!I’m kicking myself for not taking any pics of the DC Superpowers diorama display¬† ūüė¶¬† Enjoy the pics!





G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. 1985 Tomax & Xamot 3/12-3/18

I haven’t done any 80’s Joe posts in a while so i decided to brake out the Crimson Twins Tomax and Xamot.These guys can be found on eBay a lot more these days and for a pretty good price.I picked mine up a while ago so i couldn’t even tell you how much i paid for them because i can’t remember , but they came loose and¬† without any accessories . I used to love these two in the cartoon and always thought it was funny how anytime Tomax got punched,Xamot would feel it and vice versa.Hilarious!I once dropped my Tomax figure as a kid and ran to see if my Xamot had broken LOL Just kidding!I actually never had these guys growing up but would have had some kick a$% adventures with them if i did.I’m still debating whether or not i should pick up the 25th ann. versions of them so for now these¬† will have to do.Enjoy the pics!

Foam Action figure Playset/Diorama

Ever since i was kid i can remember always wanting one of those super cool Marvel or G.I. Joe playsets,and never getting one lol.These things were massive,super cool and expensive which explains why i never owned any as a kid.As of late i’ve been tinkering with foam dioramas,on smaller scales though, and decided to make my very own Marvel/G.I. Joe playset.I know it’s not the most flawless looking thing and there are no HASBRO stampings on them¬† but it still makes for a pretty cool backdrop for picture taking and displaying.I decided to go with a battle torn street with some abandoned buildings for the background.I still have to add little things like manhole covers,street signs and traffic lights and certain areas need touching up but for now this will do.I haven’t taken any pics of MARVEL figures in a while so i decided to let them break in the new dio.

The Guardians”Spirits of the Wild”-Rykor Guardian Rhino

Last but not least we have Rykor,Guardian Rhino and i’m guessing he is the brawns of the bunch.This guy reminds me of¬† Rocksteady of the T.M.N.T. toy line.I was going to take a group shot of¬† all four Guardians in a more feral environment but i thought they would look cooler in an inner city type of setting, kind of like the Gargoyles and Ninja Turtles.Enjoy the pics!