The Guardians “Spirits of the Wild”

Reis O’brien over at Lair of the Dork Horde  posted about some really cool figures he had picked up at a store called “Five Below” and i immediately took a liking to them.The Guardians “Spirits of the Wild” are a man/animal hybrid that sport kick a$# shields and cool flags who fight to protect nature and wildlife!It took me a while but i finally made it down to the nearest “Five Below” to see if i could find these feral little figures and happily came away with the whole set(i think). The 2 dollar price tag on each of these figures is well worth it IMO and I’ll be doing individual posts throughout the week revealing character names and my personal opinions on them. BTW- This was my first time ever going to a “Five Below” store and i can assure you it won’t be my last.I have yet to pick up any recent Star Wars figures and wasn’t planning to until today.This store had tons of them going for about 5 bucks a  piece and my toy collection could use a few JEDI’S  😉

7 responses to “The Guardians “Spirits of the Wild”

  1. Dang can’t wait to see these Tony. I been hoping to run across a complete set of these too after Reis had showed them but my lack of a “Five and Below” has stop my progress on this.

  2. Ha! Glad I could help spread the toy insanity! Funny thing; I actually use those little cardboard golden/jeweled circle things from the packaging in my D&D games. 🙂

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