The Guardians “Spirits of the Wild” – Zyng Guardian Tiger 3/5-3/11

Yesterday i posted about these awesome little figures that can be found at a store called “Five Below”.In my post i stated how i thought that 2 dollars was a good price for these figures but after taking them out of the package and closely inspecting them,i realized that some of the figures sculpts weren’t completely attached.Everything works well as far as the articulated areas go and although there are small gaps on the sides of the torso or shoulders on some of the figures they still hold together well.It just seems that if one were to overwork this figure or repeatedly move the arm,legs and head that something would crack.The paint is not bad for a 2 dollar figure and the packaging ain’t half bad either.Where these toys shine IMO are in the personalized accessories.The large emeralds embedded in the shields and the flags bearing each characters respective insignia are a great touch,but again,the gaps in the sculpt are a real turn off.On the bright side the figure design and concept is super cool!These kind of have a REMCO feel to them and if it weren’t for the sculpt flaws,they would be near perfect.Here we have Zyng.Aesthetically pleasing to look at and leader of The Guardians(because i said so).I also forgot to mention that with every Guardians “S.O.F.T.W.” purchase a donation goes towards programs that aid disadvantaged children as well as animals that have been abandoned,so that’s pretty cool.