G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. 1985 Tomax & Xamot 3/12-3/18

I haven’t done any 80’s Joe posts in a while so i decided to brake out the Crimson Twins Tomax and Xamot.These guys can be found on eBay a lot more these days and for a pretty good price.I picked mine up a while ago so i couldn’t even tell you how much i paid for them because i can’t remember , but they came loose and  without any accessories . I used to love these two in the cartoon and always thought it was funny how anytime Tomax got punched,Xamot would feel it and vice versa.Hilarious!I once dropped my Tomax figure as a kid and ran to see if my Xamot had broken LOL Just kidding!I actually never had these guys growing up but would have had some kick a$% adventures with them if i did.I’m still debating whether or not i should pick up the 25th ann. versions of them so for now these  will have to do.Enjoy the pics!

10 responses to “G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. 1985 Tomax & Xamot 3/12-3/18

  1. Awesome! I love me some old-school G.I. Joes! I never had these when I was a kid either, but I did want them. The only other figure I wanted(that I never got) more than these guys was Zartan. C’mon, what kid in 80s would not want a figure whose skin changed color in cold water?! I only had Hot Wheels cars that did that. 🙂

  2. Thanks D!I make the backdrops out of that moisture resistant pink foam you find at Home Depot and carve the designs out of it and then paint it.It’s a really fun process and not too difficult.The other little props are from those LANARD CORPS playsets,pretty cheap stuff.

    BTW-been wanting to comment on your blog but i’m having that problem again where it won’t let me.I’m really digging those King Arthur figures,cool stuff 🙂

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