Remember When…… 3/19-3/25

“$4.00 for a comic book?!?You gotta be out of your mind!”Those were the words I so adamantly uttered as i looked at the cover price of  a recently released T.M.N.T comic book at a local supermarket.This wasn’t even a double sized issue or anything,it was just your run of the mill   17-20 page comic book.Shocked as i was i started turning the rotatable rack to see if i could find anything in the dollar range LOL, clearly my  “80’s state of mind” had reared it’s ugly head again,impairing any and all ability to  fathom the monetary value of  a comic book in the year 2,012.My Spidey Sense(or was it my girlfriend) told me to drop the book and walk away slowly.Which kind of sucks because i was really ready to give comic book collecting another try, but that notion my friends quickly fell by the wayside. The same goes for action figures..i’m not mentioning any..ahem “Marvel Universe” …names or anything ,sports cards and when did 60 dollars become the norm for a video game?Holy Stromboli 😮 Now i know the price of these items today are relative to the day and age we live in and 20 years from now comics will probably jump to 8 bucks an issue and the price of 3 3/4 action figures will sky rocket 😦  ,but one can still sit back and reminisce about the good ol’ days when a pocket full of change got you an awesome Marvel mag or a wax pack of  baseball cards(with gum to boot). I remember mowing a lawn or shoveling someones drive way and making enough money to go out and buy 2-3 ridiculously awesome  G.I. Joe or Marvel Secret Wars figures!Those were the days 😉


15 responses to “Remember When…… 3/19-3/25

  1. Sad but true on the rising prices of things i remember getting comic books for a quarter and glass bottle soda for fifty cents. The times have changed and this is the main reason i changed my buying habits and switched to buying mini figures mostly these days.. the price on 3 3/4 figures has gotten crazy so why spend almost ten dollars on one in that size when i can spend five or ten dollars more and get a Marvel Select or DC Direct figure in a larger scale with lots more detail to them. Still i will buy a small scale figure if the price is right and is a Cobra BAT or Universal Monster related.

  2. I see myself doing the same pretty soon jb.Lately i’ve just been checking out the clearance sections looking for good deals on 3 3/4 figures because i’ve just about given up on Marvel Universe,especially when they keep hiking up the price on them and releasing them with less accessories.I’m afraid that until they release new Joes at my local dep. store,i’ll be picking up 2 to 5 dollar clearance 3 3/4 figures.I’m afraid to see how much the new G.I. Joe Retaliation figures are gonna be going for.

    BTW-Love the Monster/Star Wars bobbleheads!

  3. I quit comic buying in 1998 when it went to 1 dollar. Oh well. I do collect anything Universal Monstery too considering I own a Monster themed cafe in MExico.

  4. It is the age we live in, unfortunately. It is sad, but if you want anything these days that is current, it is going to cost a pretty penny.

    • I know it Chris.The last time i stepped foot in inside of a comic shop i walked out with some great 80’s G.I. Joe back issues for a couple bucks a piece.That to me is worth it!

  5. Bane those pics are great!I’ll dedicate a post to your Cafe’s pics on my blog tonight with your link so people can check it out.I’m pretty sure alot of people have already but hey it shouldn’t hurt to get a little extra exposure 😉

  6. I remember shoveling people’s driveways with my younger brother to make some cash. One time we made over $100 each! When we were ready to spend our hard-earned dough(usually the same day), we would usually hit up McDonald’s first. Then we would go to the video store next to Mickey D’s, the diner, or the local Pizza & Brew to play some video games. We would also buy trading cards(hockey, basketball and non-sports), comics, candy and toys. The shopping center was a short walk from our house, and my dad never questioned what we spent our money on(hey, we earned it). Man, those were the days! 🙂

  7. I used to have a group of friends and before we spent our hard earned change we would usually hit up the our local supermarkets doughnut section and walk out of there with a couple Glaze,two or three Bavarian creams and a six pack of cream soda ;)Then it was off to the baseball card shops!

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