Bane’s Awesome Monster Themed Cafe in Mexico!

Every once in a while fellow blog reader and commenter on Action Figs & Things Bane  drops by to leave me a comment or two and i really appreciate him taking the time to do so.In my last post Bane commented on a Monster themed cafe that he ran(and still runs) in Mexico and left this great link!/media/set/?set=a.220769358451.173050.209432898451&type=3 to some Facebook photos of  the establishment.Hopefully he won’t mind me using this pic  for the post 😉 I don’t frequent Mexico much but i have a huge family and if any one of them ever decide to take trip to Mexico at any point and time i will definitely recommend this unique and truly one of a kind cafe!

PSSST.. Hey jb you gotta take a look at these pics!


4 responses to “Bane’s Awesome Monster Themed Cafe in Mexico!

  1. Whoa! Truly I am humbled by your posting of my place. Thanks so much and a free beer if you guys come and visit. Free dinner if you bring some Monster goodness my way. Glad to know you cool bloggers exist! Jboy, love your site too!

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