1985 RAMBO “The Force Of Freedom”-Black Dragon 4/30-5/6

Another awesome figure from the  RAMBO line  is  Black Dragon.Black Dragon is the villainous Ninja for hire contracted by  S.A.V.A.G.E.’s  leader  General Warhawk to try to bring down Rambo and “The Force Of  Freedom”!Check him out in action in what i think is one of  the best  Rambo cartoon episodes, by clicking on this link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5y7dTM6jLU

MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons: Faegron 4/23-4/29

A while ago i picked up a Plasma Dragons booster pack of  Orcs and Knights on clearance for about three bucks at a local Marshalls.While i wasn’t blown away by the overall sculpt of each figure,i feel MEGA BLOKS did a decent job of at least giving some of the figures their very own look and design.Another thing that’s pretty  cool about these figures is that they each have  names which can be found on the back of the instructions sheet that comes with the booster pack,which IMO gives them a bit more of an identity and adds to the over all collect-ability of them.This whole week will be dedicated to the inch-high Knights and Orcs of the Plasma Dragon universe and today we’ll start things off with Faegron!Enjoy the pics.


Star Wars Vintage Collection-Han Solo (trench coat)

Hey now i have two Star Wars figures 😉 Here we have Captain of the Millenium Falcon Mr. Han Solo <hold for applause> I told myself that i will only be getting the major players from the two trilogies and Han Solo is just that.I picked this particular version of him not because of the trench coat but because of the vest, striped pants and functional holster.There were other versions of him on Ebay but some were missing his vest and others had him rocking the long sleeve leather jacket and those just didn’t appeal to me.Another thing that stood out to me was the”Revenge of the Jedi”  title on the card back .That and the fact that the card was unpunched made me think twice about opening it but we all now how that story ended,i open everything 🙂   Not much else to say about this guy that you haven’t heard before  sooooo enjoy the pics!

Joes at Dollar General?

TNI  http://toynewsi.com/   , a site that i check out quite often,is reporting that some real quality Joe stuff could be making it’s way to the shelves/pegs of discount stores like Dollar General and possibly Family Dollar.Now last i checked Dollar General is one of those “everything for a dollar” stores and i highly doubt these Joes will be selling for a buck a piece.I’m pretty sure they meant Family Dollar.Any who you can click on the link below to get the 411 and product pics!

UPDATE: Dollar General does carry items priced over a dollar….my bad!I may have been thinking about Dollare Tree  LOL!