11 responses to “Random Marvel Secret Wars Figure pics!

  1. Next to my 80’s Joe collection jb,Secret Wars is one of my most prized collection of figures.All i need is now is Kang,Magneto and Wolverine to complete the first series set.Kang and Magneto shouldn’t be hard to find and the Wolverine,although pricey,is also pretty obtainable.

  2. Yeah those elusive series 2 figures are so expensive online(that Falcon figure is ridiculously sick) 😦 The Tower of Doom would be a great addition to my collection as well,although right now i’m concentrating more on the figures.

    BTW- jboypac and Dan,don’t think i’m given you guys the cold shoulder.I just can’t for the life of me figure out why i’m not able to leave comments on your sites.Every once in a while i’m able to but most of the time i can’t.It’s beginning to be a pain in the butt especially when i see something cool on your site and i can’t leave a friggin’ comment LOL.I would contact my support but they are down as well it seems:(Anyways rest assured that i’m checking out and digging your blogs daily even if you don’t see any comments from me 😉

  3. In Mexico I hardly find anything but last time I was at the Swap meet I found an almost complete Mego 1976 Lion from Wizard of Oz! Sitting there getting dusty! If I could find a Mego that is almost older than me then I SHOULD come across some Secret Wars figures someday! You never know. I have only come across 2 GI Joe items in my searches here. Part of Serpentor´s chariot and an ATV from the 2000 series.

  4. I’ve got that Dr. Doom figure from when I was a kid 🙂 I just posted a Dr. Doom post of a drawing I did and I ran across this blog, nostalgia FTW!

    • Yeah these Secret Wars figures epitomize the 80’s.Awesome that you were able to hang on to your childhood Doom :)I’ll be sure to check out that drawing sometime tonight.Thanks for commenting!

      • I’ve actually got a huge set of Marvel and DC figures from that era, all in decent shape. Same with Starting lineups, I’m glad I hung onto them.

  5. Wow, this brings back memories. I’ve still got my ones from this line in a box somewhere. Had Dr Doom, Zemo, Wolverine, Magneto and Falcon (?). Always wanted the Hobgoblin one though :o/

    • One of the great things about collecting vintage figures are the awesome childhood memories that come with them Jasnzl.Thanks for commenting and come by more often 😉

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