Something Missing……?

Looking at my collection the other day ,i realized that something was missing.Star Wars action figures.Star Wars played a big part in the lives of just about every kid who grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s.I fall into the early 80’s category,and while i never owned more than maybe 2 or 3 Star Wars figures at any one point and time during my childhood,i saw and came into contact with plenty of them while visiting older cousins and also in toy aisles everywhere.Truth be told,i never really got into them.Even today i find it hard to get into the vintage line of figures due to the lack of articulation and stiff-like appearance.I think certain lines of figures got away with having limited articulation because of the pre-posed battle stance sculpts ala Marvel Secret Wars and M.O.T.U. figures.I’ve always felt like an iconic film like Star Wars deserved a better looking line of action figures and i guess that’s probably why i don’t  have any of them adorning my toy shelves.That will change this week when/if my very first Star Wars figure(hopefully) arrives in the mail.I snagged it pretty cheap on Ebay and i’m pretty psyched about it.It took me a while but it looks like i’ve finally found a line of Star Wars figures other than the 70’s line  to compulsively hunt down for the next month or so.It should arrive sometime this week so stay tuned!