Star Wars Vintage Collection-Darth Vader 4/16-4/22

I must be crazy to consider myself an action figure collector and not have any Star Wars figures  on my toy shelf.That’s what i would tell myself as i would read Star Wars post after Star Wars post on other blogs that i follow, desperately wanting to start my own SW collection but not knowing where to begin.I really got the Star Wars itch after going to Five Below and seeing tons of them on clearance,which reminds me that i still have to see about those Guardians of the Wild figures for jboypacman over at Revenge From The Cosmic Ark( I haven’t forgotten jb  😉 ).I haven’t gotten the chance to get back there for a myriad of reasons but those SW figures always stayed in the back of my mind.Enter Ebay!While doing a little “Windows” shopping (get it..”Windows” the OS……anyways)i stumbled across what would eventually be my very first Star Wars action figure, a 2010 Star Wars Vintage Collection Darth Vader!I know this figure is probably old news to just about every other toy collector on the planet ,but since i barely gave this genre a second look  it was relatively new to me.I sort of remember these hanging on toy aisle pegs but with so many other SW lines surrounding them i would quickly become overwhelmed and move on to the Joe section. I realized after coming across this Darth Vader  figure on Ebay that this was the one i needed to get me off and running.I liked everything about it,the retro packaging,articulation,removable helmet and what better way to start off  a  SW collection than with arguably the movies most popular character . The figure,although spot on  in the likeness department, does have two minor flaws.1)Staying true to the 70’s and 80’s line the figures do not come with stands and 2)Although a great touch, the removable helmet does not stay on as tight as i would like it to.To be honest the helmet issue doesn’t bug me as much as the stand does because i don’t plan on playing with the figure while the stand would have come in handy for display purposes.I gotta tell you though,taking this guy out of the packaging and holding it in your hands has quite the effect on you when you realize how much of an iconic character Darth Vader is.I don’t want to come off sounding corny but it really felt like i was holding a piece of history.For a minute there i was kid again, clumsily removing Vader’s Light Saber and waving it around as if it were life size LOL!Darth Vader IMO is the Snake Eyes of the SW universe and an all around fantastic addition to my collection .

7 responses to “Star Wars Vintage Collection-Darth Vader 4/16-4/22

    • Thanks jb,i think so too!I won’t be collecting many SW figures but the ones that i do pick up will be from this line.Sorry about what happened over at the Ark jb 😦 but i am looking forward to the new and improved site 😉

  1. These figures are awesome. I have been collecting them from the beginning of the Vintage Collection waves. I have compiled a complete list of the waves that have come out on my blog if you want to check it out if you are interested in collecting anymore of these awesome figures.

    • Thanks and welcome to AF&T SW Guys!I found myself lacking in the SW’s department and figured it was time to snag up some of the more recognizable characters.Awesome figures they are ;)Your site could prove to be very resourceful for beginner SW collectors like myself or for the more seasoned veteran.Very cool stuff!

      • Make sure you get the word out about our blog to those who are collecting Star Wars Vintage Collection figures. We may have information on our blog that can help them in getting the most complete collection they can get. We are trying our best to help out the collecting community!

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