MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons: Faegron 4/23-4/29

A while ago i picked up a Plasma Dragons booster pack of  Orcs and Knights on clearance for about three bucks at a local Marshalls.While i wasn’t blown away by the overall sculpt of each figure,i feel MEGA BLOKS did a decent job of at least giving some of the figures their very own look and design.Another thing that’s pretty  cool about these figures is that they each have  names which can be found on the back of the instructions sheet that comes with the booster pack,which IMO gives them a bit more of an identity and adds to the over all collect-ability of them.This whole week will be dedicated to the inch-high Knights and Orcs of the Plasma Dragon universe and today we’ll start things off with Faegron!Enjoy the pics.


6 responses to “MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons: Faegron 4/23-4/29

    • Welcome to AF& T Malcolm!I like them better than Lego figs myself.These Plasma Dragons figures aren’t the same quality as the MARVEL stuff MEGA BLOKS has out there but are still pretty cool.Thanks for commenting!

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