Marvel Super Poseable Spider-Man

For a while now I’ve been saying how no other version of Spider-Man will outshine my ’84 Secret Wars Spidey figure.The crush I have on the 80’s Secret Wars line is ridiculous and rightfully so.As a kid when reading the pages of a comic book proved to be doing little in the way of  satisfying my Marvel super hero cravings,those magnificent 80’s Mattel figures were always there to finish the job.The 1984 S.W. Spider-Man will always be my favorite version, but i felt that it was time to pick up a more modernized and articulated Spidey to add to my small Marvel Universe collection and to possibly team up with some Joe’s for a random photo shoot.Walking down the toy aisle of  an out of the way Wal-Mart in search of the elusive Retaliation figures,i stumbled across a crap load of  $10 dollar Marvel Universe figures  and a bunch of  $7 dollar Fiercest Foes Spider-Man figures .I figured i wasn’t about to drop 10 bucks on a Marvel Universe Spider Man when i could pick up the less expensive  Fiercest Foes(I’m not even sure if Fiercest Foes is the name of the line or just the cards that are included)  version.I had been wanting to pick up this version of  Spider-Man for a while now but the line seemed to have disappeared.Up until now i hadn’t seen any on the toy aisle pegs  nor in any clearance sections so they must have sold well. Long story short,i finally found the version of Spider-Man i had been looking for and I’m pretty pleased with it.The plastic used for these figures is a litter harder than the  M.U.  stuff and while the paint apps are off a bit the bright colors  really pop.If you are  serious and meticulous about your action figures than maybe this isn’t the figure for you, but if you are more of a casual collector (like myself) and you’re looking for a solid default Spider-Man figure to add to your collection then snag this one up.

Memorial Day Collection Sneak Peek! 5/28-6/2

Happy Memorial day everyone!Here  are a couple random collection pics.Most of the figures featured have already been showcased here on AF&T  while only a couple have yet to make an appearance.Can you spot them?Some have even traversed the Cosmic Ark winding up here on my toy shelves,deservingly displayed and cautiously cared for (Thanks jboypac!). What you don’t see are the rest of my 80’s Joe’s which i have stashed along with countless card backs  and vehicle boxes .I try to keep as much of the packaging as i can in case  i ever need to go back and reference something,and  some of the artwork on the card backs and fronts are awesome to look at as well.Oh and i almost forgot!I finally got my first 3 3/4 Spider Man (well..second if you count my 80’s SW’s Spidey) action figure and I’ll be posting about it some time this week.Until then enjoy the pics!

Avengers Gamma Smash Hulk!

Before i get started,I’d like to make it clear that in no way shape or form will this be a biased review.This figure had been on my radar long  before my girls got it for me on my birthday.For a while now I’ve been wanting a Hulk action figure but none of the 3 3/4 versions of him ever got my attention.As popular as the MU green Hulk version was,i never really liked it.I mean the articulation and detail was there but the elongated,almost square-ish head sculpt made him look more like the Capcom style Hulk of the older Marvel Vs. Capcom video game’s,a version that i was never too thrilled with.What i love the most about this Gamma Smash Hulk figure is the head and face sculpt.It really reminds me of the old Mego and Pocket heroes Hulk figures as far as the hair style and facial expression goes.Another cool thing about this toy is that it is just that…….. a toy!You don’t have to worry about anything falling off or coming apart  when posing because it is built to be played with.At first  i had a small problem with the articulated abdomen but after removing the figure from the package i realized that this feature actually allowed for some pretty neat pose-ability.Gamma Smash Hulk is a lot like the character it portrays-charming in a clunky,clumsy kinda way.You wont be wowed by the detail or awarded with a cool figure stand and S.H.I.E.L.D. file card but you can be sure that this figure will more than serve it’s purpose when placed next to any other Marvel 3 3/4 figures you may have in your collection.Due to the mixed and mainly bad reviews this figure has gotten you should be able to snatch him up on clearance,and if you do i guarantee Gamma Smash Hulk will grow on you(that is,if he doesn’t smash you first 😉 ).


My Amazing Family,My B-Day!

This past Saturday was my B-Day and the day couldn’t have been any nicer!Hands down the warmest and sunniest day we’ve had thus far and i have to be especially thankful for that. Most of all,though, I’m thankful for being able to celebrate it with my girlfriend and kids as we took advantage of the tepid morning by hitting up  the local park for some kite flying action and a swinging contest between my daughter and i which ultimately landed me on my back  when i jumped off  the swing at the peak of my ascent(like i used to be able to do as a kid) LOL!I totally thought i was going to nail the perfect landing and then “BAAM!”…right on my backside ! My youngest could not stop laughing :)Later on in the day my two oldest hooked me up with an amazing Avengers gift bag which contained this sick T-shirt and an Avengers Movie Gamma Smash Hulk figure(which contrary to popular belief is an awesome figure and a throwback to the old school retro  Hulk figures) !My sister also got me a $30  movie gift card which my girlfriend and i will be using this weekend to catch The Avengers!

G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. 1989-Snake Eyes V.3 5/21-5/26

Here’s a Snake Eyes I picked up a while ago on Ebay,loose  with no file card or accessories.I was always hesitant about picking up this version of  Snake Eyes because it really didn’t have any ties to my child hood.By the time this Snake Eyes released,i was slowly making the transition from action figures  into comic books,baseball cards and video games so G.I. Joe toys weren’t on my radar as much.With that being said i really like this version of Snake Eyes!He almost has a Spider-Man feel or vibe to him,not sure what it is.This version also came with a ton of cool accessories like a blow gun,nun-chuks and a pistol with a silencer.Looking at my collection the other day i realized that i have 5 different Snake Eyes figures and have ultimately decided to start collecting him exclusively.I think there are about 60 versions of him so i’ll have to be in it for the long haul LOL!Wish me luck  😉

G.I. Joe 30th Ann. Sgt. Stalker

Finally,a 30th Ann. Joe! Sheeesh I thought I’d never  find one lol!Actually i have seen two or three floating around but not one’s that I particularly needed or wanted.A super huge thank you goes out to my girlfriend(love ya!) for spotting this lone Sgt. Stalker figure amidst a section of  empty pegs designated for POC Joe’s .I couldn’t believe it when she showed him to me.This particular Wal-Mart  had been Joe-less for months and only now did a  30th Ann. figure decide to surface,which makes me wonder if there are anymore in the back and if they were ready to hit the clearance section with all the “Retaliation” stuff coming out.Anyways,might just be wishful thinking on my part but i am super stoked about the Stalker figure.I’ve been wanting  Stalker for a while now but most of his figures are going for $13 + on Ebay while this one cost me half  that.All’s well that ends well i guess and this guy will soon be  taking his place among the other Joes in my collection 😉

M.U.S.C.L.E. by MATTEL 5/14-5/19

If you were a kid growing up in the 80’s,then chances are more than a few of these made there way into your toy collections.These little guys were highly collectible due to their size and individualized appearances.M.U.S.C.L.E. figures are based on Japanese anime wrestlers and could be bought here in the states in packs of 4 or 10.I believe there were more than 200 pink/gum colored figures in the  set  and while some were different versions of the same character,most had their own unique design.Eventually MATTEL would release packs of multi-colored  M.U.S.C.L.E.  of which i wasn’t much of a fan of .Recently i was able to score some of these bad boys on Ebay for about 2 bucks and change,not too bad considering how much they’re going for these days.

80’S FLIX-The Gate

If ever you feel the need to flash back to all of those great T.V. shows and movies from the 80’s then you need to check out NETFLIX!Aside from the great line up of 80’s shows that include everything from Knight Rider to Family Ties,there are also tons of great cartoons(G.I. Joe,Transformers etc.) and movies from that much beloved and family orientated era that was the  80’s!Just recently i watched The Gate,a film about a couple of kids who accidentally open the gates of  h-e-double hockey sticks and are forced to reckon with it’s evil inhabitants(mainly a hoard of   foot high ankle biting, bean headed demons) .Give NETFLIX a try if only for the nostalgia factor,you won’t be disappointed!


2010 Playmates Lucha Libre USA Masked Warriors-Tinieblas Jr. 5/7-5/12

With all the cool Marvel and Thundercat  6″  figures out there,who would have thought that a Lucha Libre USA Wrestling 6″(or 8″ ..not sure)  figure would be the first to make it’s way into my collection!Let’s get this out of the way now,i am in no way a huge Wrestling fan,let alone Mexican Wrestling, but there is something about the masks and colorful outfits these guys wear that totally grab my attention.I think it was Jeremy and Malcolm over at who posted about the good ol’ days of Wrestling that may have sparked my interest in picking up a figure or two,only i didn’t want to pick up any WWE stuff.I wanted something different.So the other day while scanning the toy aisles  of a local Dollar General i ran across a cheap knock-off set of  masked Mexican Wrestlers  and if it wasn’t for the fact that i was in somewhat of a rush i would have probably picked those up but I ultimately exited  D.G. empty handed.At least now i knew what i was looking for ,some bad a#$ masked Mexican Wrestler figures!Needing to fill that “masked wrestler ” void i immediately hopped online and found some M.U.S.C.L.E. figures (about 8 of them) and won the auction  for  2 bucks(i’ll post pics this week)!Then low and behold the other day at a local CW i finally found what i was looking for.A super cool,6″ and crazy articulated Lucha Libre USA Masked Warrior/Mexican Wrestler Tinieblas Jr. And who is Tinieblas Jr.  you ask?I have no clue, but i just had to have em’!The color scheme on his outfit/mask was sick  and the card art and design was super eye-catching!I will definitely dig up as much as i can on this guy online as well as the toy line to see if i can add a couple more of these Lucha Libre bruisers to my collection!