G.I. Joe 30th Ann. Sgt. Stalker

Finally,a 30th Ann. Joe! Sheeesh I thought I’d never  find one lol!Actually i have seen two or three floating around but not one’s that I particularly needed or wanted.A super huge thank you goes out to my girlfriend(love ya!) for spotting this lone Sgt. Stalker figure amidst a section of  empty pegs designated for POC Joe’s .I couldn’t believe it when she showed him to me.This particular Wal-Mart  had been Joe-less for months and only now did a  30th Ann. figure decide to surface,which makes me wonder if there are anymore in the back and if they were ready to hit the clearance section with all the “Retaliation” stuff coming out.Anyways,might just be wishful thinking on my part but i am super stoked about the Stalker figure.I’ve been wanting  Stalker for a while now but most of his figures are going for $13 + on Ebay while this one cost me half  that.All’s well that ends well i guess and this guy will soon be  taking his place among the other Joes in my collection 😉

7 responses to “G.I. Joe 30th Ann. Sgt. Stalker

    • Super cool jb.Of course she had no idea what she was looking at but when she saw how nerd-cited i was she figured it was something cool LOL!

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