Marvel Super Poseable Spider-Man

For a while now I’ve been saying how no other version of Spider-Man will outshine my ’84 Secret Wars Spidey figure.The crush I have on the 80’s Secret Wars line is ridiculous and rightfully so.As a kid when reading the pages of a comic book proved to be doing little in the way of  satisfying my Marvel super hero cravings,those magnificent 80’s Mattel figures were always there to finish the job.The 1984 S.W. Spider-Man will always be my favorite version, but i felt that it was time to pick up a more modernized and articulated Spidey to add to my small Marvel Universe collection and to possibly team up with some Joe’s for a random photo shoot.Walking down the toy aisle of  an out of the way Wal-Mart in search of the elusive Retaliation figures,i stumbled across a crap load of  $10 dollar Marvel Universe figures  and a bunch of  $7 dollar Fiercest Foes Spider-Man figures .I figured i wasn’t about to drop 10 bucks on a Marvel Universe Spider Man when i could pick up the less expensive  Fiercest Foes(I’m not even sure if Fiercest Foes is the name of the line or just the cards that are included)  version.I had been wanting to pick up this version of  Spider-Man for a while now but the line seemed to have disappeared.Up until now i hadn’t seen any on the toy aisle pegs  nor in any clearance sections so they must have sold well. Long story short,i finally found the version of Spider-Man i had been looking for and I’m pretty pleased with it.The plastic used for these figures is a litter harder than the  M.U.  stuff and while the paint apps are off a bit the bright colors  really pop.If you are  serious and meticulous about your action figures than maybe this isn’t the figure for you, but if you are more of a casual collector (like myself) and you’re looking for a solid default Spider-Man figure to add to your collection then snag this one up.

8 responses to “Marvel Super Poseable Spider-Man

    • I really like this line of figures and for 7 bucks and change i think they are worth it.I’m most likely going to snag up some of the villains like Hobgoblin,Goblin and Venom.

  1. As much as I complain about not getting good toys in Mexico….at LEAST I got this one! Took him out of the package and was doing all kinds of Mcfarlane poses with him. He is great! Wish it came with webbing though….

    • Congrats on picking this one up BANE!It’s figures and characters like Spider-Man that really benefit from all the articulation.I’ve had the most fun posing this guy.

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