My Small Haul!

As i stated before in my last posts,spare time  has been rather elusive this week with everything that’s been going on.I was however ,able to snag up a couple of  items that I’ve  had my eyes on for a bit now.You’ll notice that one of the items is none other than the infamous “awkward hand attachment gun holding thingamajig” Retaliation Roadblock.Sorry guys but i had to do it lol!I know he’s got limited articulation and a ridiculously large weapon that connects to an even more ridiculous looking permanent hand attachment,but i just love this figure!The sculpt is bad a#$ IMO and i can’t wait to stand him next to my Heavy Duty and Gung Ho figures.Next up is Transformers Prime Wheeljack.What caught my eye when i saw this guy on the pegs at Wal-Mart was the throwback design and the sword accessories.I like this line of TF’s and will probably pick up a couple more from it in the near future.Last we have a 3 pack of Marvel comics that i found at a local Family Dollar for $2.50.Reading comics can be very relaxing and a nice way to take the edge off of a rough day,and while these aren’t premium comics they should serve their purpose.So there you have it guys!I apologize for the lack of commenting and replies on my part and hopefully things will get back to normal around here so i can get this blog thing rolling again 😉


80’S FLIX-The Boy Who Could Fly

The Boy Who Could Fly was one of those films that nearly got me killed as a kid.I so wanted to walk out onto the edge of my roof and take off like actor Jay Underwood does in the movie,but fortunately my love for toys and more importantly LIFE! quickly got in the way of my irrational thinking and desires. Karate Kid was another film that nearly put me in the hospital after i started believing that i could kick everybody’s a$% with the Crane kick…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.The point I’m trying to make is that as kids we tended to be so impressionable.It was movies like this that made us believe that anything was possible,somehow desensitizing us to the fact that these kinds of things never happen in real life and that the good guys don’t always come out on top.I won’t go into the movie specifics because I”m no movie reviewer, but if you have seen this film in the past as a kid and you’re looking for a quick nostalgia fix then go ahead and check this out on Netflix.The music that plays during the opening scenes proves to be a melodic time machine that will instantly take you back to your childhood.Iconic 80’s child actor   Fred Savage plays the role of 8 year old  louis Michealson and is frequently shown throughout the movie playing with his G.I. Joe figures and army accessories.His scenes are priceless and in many ways reminded me of myself at that age.I’ve been super busy this week so while i haven’t been able to take any action figure pics i was able to find some time to sit back and catch some old school cartoons and movies on Netflix.My next post will be on Monday so look out for that although I’m not quite sure of what i will be posting about.Hopefully I’ll get lucky this weekend and run into some Dollar General Joes 😉 Stay tuned!

Transformers Legends Class-Leo Prime 6/18-6/24

In my last post we took a look at Transformers Scout Class Brimstone and today we have Leo Prime.I don’t know much about Leo Prime.Could be Optimus Prime’s long lost uncle for all i know.I have to do my homework on this guy.I’m assuming this is just a different version of Optimus.What i do know is that he’s very cool looking and only the second Transformer to make it’s way into my collection.All thanks to Jason Vorhees.I’m pretty sure there have been bigger scales of this particular character released in the past,this being the mini-version of him.Still and all he is a great looking figure.Enjoy the pics!

In The Process Of….

Well,It’s about that time to do the toy shuffle!With the new G.I. Joe, Batman and Spiderman movie figures coming out this summer and not to mention all the toy awesomness brought  my way by way of fellow bloggers like Jason Vorhees and jboypacman, I felt it was time to do some sorting and prioritizing.Jason got me started with the Brimstone figure and it looks like I’ll be needing to make room for a TF section on my toy shelves now :)I’m also in the process of painting and fixing up odds and ends around the house so posts will be few and far between.I will however ,make sure to have my usual Monday posts primed and ready to go for the beginning of the week  and If something new happens to make it’s way into my collection during this busy period I’ll be sure to update you guy’s on it.

Transformers Scout Class-Brimstone

Yes,you guessed it!Storm Shadow’s newest recruit is Decepticon Brimstone!I said that I would review this figure sometime this week and here i am just a day after and feeling a bit giddy about this post. I can’t tell you how much friggin’ fun I’ve had with this Transformers action figure/kick a$# motorcycle!Please excuse the emphasis on the exclamation points in this post.It’s just that something really cool happens when taking pics of Storm Shadow riding a transforming HOG with a Decepticon insignia on it!It’s almost magical!First thing’s first ,though.A super huge thank you to Jason over at for sending me this incredibly cool toy 😉 and really sparking my interest in these Scout Class figures.I now need an Autobot motorcycle for my Snake Eyes figures,although Jason also sent me a smaller Autobot Transformer that may look pretty cool next to ol’ Snake Eyes!Stay tuned for that :)As far as Brimstone goes,I really can’t give you an in depth review of him because he is the first real Transformers figure I’ve ever owned and I haven’t had any other Transformer action figure experiences to base this one on or compare too.I will say that it is one of the coolest pieces in my collection and you can bet I’ ll be picking up more from this line and the Transformers line in general!Enjoy the pics!BTW-Jason sent this one to me MOC but in my haste to post i forgot to upload the carded image,but i did get the back of the card 🙂

Storm Shadow’s New Recruit!

I borrowed a couple of accessories from my ROC  Storm Shadow figures and equipped my Retaliation Stormie with them.Here he is with a couple of characters(Firefly and Wraith) that will be making a movie appearance along side everybody’s favorite Cobra Ninja when the publicity filled G.I. Joe Retaliation releases next year.Also,check out Storm Shadow’s newest recruit in the lower pic!I’ll be reviewing him sometime this week.Until then enjoy the pics!

G.I. Joe Retaliation-Storm Shadow

I have to say this has got to be one of the most exciting times for G.I. Joe action figure collectors and toy collectors in general.The buzz created by the Dollar General Joes and Retaliation figures is entertaining the cr#% out of me lol!The stories that I’ve read on forums about people trying to hunt down some of these elusive figures are hilarious!Heck I’m even guilty of walking into my local Dollar General store on more than one occasion only to be disappointed with my findings, or lack there of.Retaliation figures I’m thinking are a little easier to come by, although they are still pretty scarce around my neck of the woods.The other day i was lucky enough to find the Snake Eyes from that line but it was really the Storm Shadow that i was coveting.My searches for 2012 Joe awesomeness  were becoming more and more discouraging to say the least and i ultimately found myself succumbing to the sultan of surplus …Ebay!There was no way that i was going to drop 40 bucks on any of those Dollar General Joe’s so that turned my attention to the more reasonably priced  Retaliation figures.For about 12 bucks($9-$3.50 shipping) i was able to pick up Storm Shadow, the one figure that i really wanted from the Retaliation line.I think this   Storm Shadow dwarves  any of the ROC/POC  versions.One detail that i feel all Ninja figures should have are the split toe(jika-tabi) shoes and this figure has them.They also rock side to side for pose-ability.Although not movie accurate or traditional,I love the sculpt of the figure.This Storm Shadow feels and looks like a Ninja.The head sculpt is great and his eyes have a more menacing look than some of the ROC versions did.If i had to use one word to describe this figure, it would be “Sleek”.The White w/ Gray color scheme really flows and the placement and size of the Cobra insignia is perfect.Retaliation Stormie is solid and if your looking for a futuristic, more updated and less exaggerated version of him then this is the one to get. Enjoy the pics!

Marvel Miniature Alliance-Hulk 6/11-6/16

My  girlfriend just got back from a weekend retreat with her mother and some of her girlfriends and was awesome enough to bring me back this cool Hulk miniature figure!I had seen these before in the stores and thought they were pretty cool and now i own one!My only gripe about the figure is that you can’t remove him from the stand as he would have looked a little better standing next to some of my other stand-less Marvel  mini’s,but who cares.Aside from the fact that he looks a little like Peter Griffin,he makes a great little display piece and i love em’  🙂

1992 Kenner Aliens-Lt.Ripley

The movie Aliens came out in 1986 and i must admit that i wasn’t that big of a fan of the sci-fi flick.I was 9 years old at the time and although i loved alien creatures and outer space adventures,Aliens just never grabbed my attention.What i do remember from the film was sigourney Weaver and how much of a bad a$# she was.So whenever Aliens would come on T.V. i would change the channel  during the long ,drawn out dialogue heavy scenes but always switch back to it just to catch Sigourney Weaver(Lt.Ripley) expend some major clippage into some very creepy looking aliens!So i was pretty excited to see this figure in the package Jason  sent me and while I’m not a big fan of the movie,I still loved the iconic role of Lt.Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver! Thanks again Jason,you have sparked my interest in this toyline and now i must hunt down a few more figures from this cool line!

Jason was even cool enough to send her to me with accessories and this cool Alien spawn face hugger!

My 4 Favorite Figures Right Now…..

I don’t know about you guys and your collections,but around here action figure favoritism varies from time to time.I can fixate on certain figures for a day, a week or even months and for that time period they will be my favorite figures.I find it quite strange myself but that’s just how my mind works i guess.Some figures ,like my Secret Wars Captain America,are a constant favorite and unless something extremely epic makes it’s way into my collection,the Captain will continue to hold rank.Other figures are recent additions that manage to keep their appeal long after being taken out of the package and put on display,like my 3 3/4 Avenger’s Hulk figure.Jboypacman was cool enough to send me a Toxie figure that i so desperately wanted in my collection and since then has stood strong atop my 4 favorite figures list.Last but not least we have this little gem of an Indiana Jones figure i found in the dollar bin at a local hobby shop a while back,and i just love em’. So there you have it guys!My 4 favorite figures (for now 😉 )