1992 Kenner Aliens-Lt.Ripley

The movie Aliens came out in 1986 and i must admit that i wasn’t that big of a fan of the sci-fi flick.I was 9 years old at the time and although i loved alien creatures and outer space adventures,Aliens just never grabbed my attention.What i do remember from the film was sigourney Weaver and how much of a bad a$# she was.So whenever Aliens would come on T.V. i would change the channel  during the long ,drawn out dialogue heavy scenes but always switch back to it just to catch Sigourney Weaver(Lt.Ripley) expend some major clippage into some very creepy looking aliens!So i was pretty excited to see this figure in the package Jason http://jasonvorhees.wordpress.com/  sent me and while I’m not a big fan of the movie,I still loved the iconic role of Lt.Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver! Thanks again Jason,you have sparked my interest in this toyline and now i must hunt down a few more figures from this cool line!

Jason was even cool enough to send her to me with accessories and this cool Alien spawn face hugger!

12 responses to “1992 Kenner Aliens-Lt.Ripley

  1. I got that from a Lanard CORPS set i picked up a while ago.You can still find them at Wal-Mart for about 5 bucks per set.It’s a real value considering you get about three different props and a couple of action figures with it.

  2. I had her as a kid. I love how when you twist her at the waist the flames extend from the flamethrower. It’s funny you just posted this with Pixel Dan reviewing the Alien/Predator Pack.

    • I did not know about the twisting of the waist feature.I’ll have to try that out 😉 I’ll also have to check out Pixel Dan’s review of that AVP pack .

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