Storm Shadow’s New Recruit!

I borrowed a couple of accessories from my ROC  Storm Shadow figures and equipped my Retaliation Stormie with them.Here he is with a couple of characters(Firefly and Wraith) that will be making a movie appearance along side everybody’s favorite Cobra Ninja when the publicity filled G.I. Joe Retaliation releases next year.Also,check out Storm Shadow’s newest recruit in the lower pic!I’ll be reviewing him sometime this week.Until then enjoy the pics!

5 responses to “Storm Shadow’s New Recruit!

    • Thanks JD 🙂 That figure there is Mercenary Wraith.He’s from the 25th Ann. line of Joes and i snagged him up on clearance a long time ago.I believe he also makes an appearance in the new Retaliation flick due to release 20 years from now 😉

      • Yeah no kidding! I am baffled it was pushed back another year for 3D. It does not take a whole another year to add 3D…

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