In The Process Of….

Well,It’s about that time to do the toy shuffle!With the new G.I. Joe, Batman and Spiderman movie figures coming out this summer and not to mention all the toy awesomness brought  my way by way of fellow bloggers like Jason Vorhees and jboypacman, I felt it was time to do some sorting and prioritizing.Jason got me started with the Brimstone figure and it looks like I’ll be needing to make room for a TF section on my toy shelves now :)I’m also in the process of painting and fixing up odds and ends around the house so posts will be few and far between.I will however ,make sure to have my usual Monday posts primed and ready to go for the beginning of the week  and If something new happens to make it’s way into my collection during this busy period I’ll be sure to update you guy’s on it.

7 responses to “In The Process Of….

    • I was on a little bit of a roll there huh JD lol!Time to slow things down a bit.I’ll still be checking out Metal Borgs so keep up those awesome Avengers posts!

      • Lol, well thanks man! I try to keep the blog updated as much as possible.. But like you, life gets in the way of things 🙂

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